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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an integral part of raising your website’s online visibility.

You sit down at your computer and navigate to Google. You enter your search term. Shazam! You come up on page one in the unpaid “organic” listing. Everyone is clicking through to your site because you’re there. On page one.

To get you there, we provide SEO services that help you optimize your site for the search engines. We will help you:

  • Find the right search terms to drive targeted traffic to your site
  • Fix your site’s architecture, and address other technical difficulties that are keeping you from ranking highly
  • Create engaging, link-worthy content
  • Gather the links that are necessary to increase rankings and your traffic.

Why choose LunaMetrics as your SEO Consultant?

After all, we aren’t the only company that does SEO. We probably aren’t the only company Google has certified in other areas who also does SEO.

Choose us because we not only help you to rank; we also give you great service. You will be awed at the kind of attention we pay to you and to your site.

You’re choosy and should be. So are we.

You should know that we don’t choose to work with everyone who knocks on our door with an SEO issue. That’s because some sites are very hard to optimize, and we don’t want to let you down. It gets back to service – we would rather lose the business than to make the money and lose your trust.

Additionally, we’ve worked with a number of clients throughout the United States. Our SEO services aren’t limited to companies in Pittsburgh (where we’re located), so don’t let distance be a barrier. At LunaMetrics, customer service is the number one priority.

Interested in making the most of your website?

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