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SEO Workshop for Students and Non-Profits

Thanks for your interest in the free SEO Workshop at LunaMetrics. The goal of this program is to teach search engine optimization to university students and recent graduates while providing free consulting to local non-profit organizations.

It is also an opportunity for job seekers to network and employers to meet educated candidates with employable skills.

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Event Details:


Saturday and Sunday
October 18-19, 2014
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


24 S. 18th Street; Suite 100
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


chris vella
Chris Vella
Twitter: @ChrisVella

Chris Vella is a Search Analyst who began as an intern at LunaMetrics. He has grown his skill set from SEO to being certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords. You might call him a triple threat. He enjoys growing relationships with his clients and sharing in the excitement of their business goal achievements. He feels compassion for four-legged creatures, and arguably has the most heavily decorated (cluttered) desk in the office.

For more information about the workshop, click either the Student or Non-Profit Organization tab below or contact Chris Vella.

Non-Profit Organization

Information for Students

Participating students will spend a weekend in an intensive workshop learning about SEO. Each student will hone their newly acquired skills by creating a deliverable set of recommendations for the nonprofit organization he or she is paired with. Students must attend both days of the workshop.

Depending on enrollment, one to four students are paired with a Pittsburgh non-profit organization and spend the entire course learning about the organization and how to optimize its online presence. Students will meet with a representative of their partner organization on October 18th, 2014 to learn about past online marketing efforts and future goals from SEO.

Each student group will prepare a complete SEO audit that must be reviewed by experts before delivering to the client. Groups are encouraged to present their findings and recommendations to their clients outside of class.

Is SEO Right for You?

This is an introductory course so we don’t expect you to know HTML on the first day, but you should have a desire to learn those types of things because on-page optimization and site architecture gets technical. SEO is about 70 percent science and 30 percent art, and you should be prepared for that.

I’m interested! What’s next?

To apply to participate in the workshop, please fill out the appropriate form below. The number of seats available is limited and we ask that only those seriously interested in committing to both days of the workshop apply. We will review all applications and a notification of your acceptance or otherwise will be provided.

If any of your questions have been left unanswered, please contact Chris Vella at vella@lunametrics.com.