Automatically Import Salesforce Data into Google Analytics 360

January 17, 2018

Marketers rejoice – Salesforce Data is now available to be automatically imported into Google Analytics 360! After announcing a partnership last year between the two companies, this GA360-Salesforce integration is the first announced way that the tools will begin working together more efficiently. Google Analytics on a website can measure many things – how someone […]

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Using Events as Goals in Google Analytics

January 16, 2018

Event-based Goals aren’t a new feature in Google Analytics, but it’s safe to say a lot of users still prefer old-fashioned Destination Goals over the much more dynamic event goal. It’s true that Destination Goals are often simpler to implement – everyone has Pageviews by default with Google Analytics. More and more we find that […]

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Four Tips for Advertising Pixels in Google Tag Manager

January 10, 2018

Google Tag Manager makes it quick and easy to add all sorts of tagging solutions to your website. LunaMetrics has blogged extensively about using GTM to implement Google Analytics, but the tool is also designed to handle tracking pixels provided by media vendors in the same fashion. Using GTM to implement your media pixels provides […]

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5 Quick & Easy Ways to Wreck Your Analytics

January 4, 2018

5-easy-ways-to-wreck-analytics (1)

Have you ever been tired of your clean data? Has it been too long since something’s been truly broken? Do you find yourself longing for the good old days of data collection fire drills? OF COURSE NOT!!! If you’re like me, you know that data can be messy. It comes in all shapes and sizes. […]

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New Year’s Reading Resolutions from LunaMetrics

January 3, 2018

Before we begin, let us enjoy this New Year poem, by LunaMetrics’ own Dan Settlemire: “Alright, so your shopping is done. The stockings were hung. So what is there next to do? LunaMetrics is here, Ready for the new year. With blog reading to help get you through. Cousin Michael snored, Aunt Bertha was bored. […]

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HS2 Solutions Acquires LunaMetrics!

December 19, 2017

HS2 Solutions Acquires LunaMetrics

As CEO of LunaMetrics I sign a lot of papers. But on Friday, I signed the most important paper of my career. On Friday morning, I sold LunaMetrics. We were acquired by the coolest company, HS2 Solutions of Chicago and their financial partner, Mountaingate Capital. HS2 provides elegant solutions–mostly in the areas of strategy, UX […]

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Final Steps to Take after Switching from HTTP to HTTPS

December 14, 2017

Congratulations, you’ve finally made the switch to HTTPS! That takes a lot of work: convincing your boss it’s a good idea, reading support docs for your CMS and hosting providers, determining which SSL certificate to get… great job. Unfortunately, there’s more work to be done. An astonishing amount of people make the switch and head […]

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What Is gtag.js with Google Analytics and Do I Need It?

December 12, 2017

If you have attempted to add Google Analytics tracking code to a website recently, you may have noticed something new – a completely different Google Analytics snippet that looks like the code snippet above. There has been some confusion around what exactly this ‘gtag’ snippet is for. This article should help clear things up and […]

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Marketing Attribution in Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360

December 4, 2017

Marketing Attribution in Google Analytics

One of the most important concepts in Google Analytics is Attribution, the practice of giving credit to the many marketing initiatives that drive traffic and conversions on a website. It is also one of the most misunderstood, mysterious, and debated topics. We’ve created a series of posts about Attribution to help explain what’s going on […]

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Direct Traffic in Google Analytics and Last Non-Direct Click Attribution

December 4, 2017

The Acquisition Reports in Google Analytics are a great way to see how much traffic and revenue your marketing campaigns and SEO efforts are driving to your website. These reports are filled with valuable information but without the right background knowledge, these reports may lead to misinterpretation and subsequently decisions that are based on a […]

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