Tracking Inbound Campaigns in Google Analytics

September 19, 2017

Campaigns in Google Analytics

Understanding how users get to your website can help with everything from marketing strategy, advertising budgeting, and even content production. It’s also one of the most popular reasons to use Google Analytics. There are certain things that you get out of the box with a Google Analytics implementation, like what pages are viewed or how […]

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Visualizing the Customer Journey with Google Analytics Data

September 12, 2017


“How do people use my site?” If you work as a web analyst, you have probably been asked questions around understanding the “Customer Journey” (or “User Flow” or “Clickstream Analysis”). This question can take many forms and can come from any department – marketing, sales, development, you name it! For this post, I’m specifically discussing […]

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The Guide to Google Posts for Google My Business

September 7, 2017


Share events, products, and services directly in Google Search and Google Maps with Google Posts, created through Google My Business. Google Posts are small cards that appear within the knowledge graph in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) when users search for your business. These cards are great for promoting timely content to customers at […]

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The Approval Queue in Google Tag Manager

September 5, 2017

The Google Tag Manager Approval Queue is geared toward bigger, enterprise-type companies that need to allow a lot of different people to work in their GTM container, but also want to have a system to review changes before allowing them to go live. This can still be useful if you have a smaller team, of […]

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Why Aren’t People Clicking on My Search Ads?

August 31, 2017


While out there on the battlefield of the AdWords advertising landscape, your ad will receive many impressions. Every now and again, these impressions will turn into clicks. Those users could have been drawn to your ad for a plethora of reasons: your ad was in the top position, the users identified with your ad copy, […]

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Follow Up: Predictions from the Google Analytics Summit 2018

August 29, 2017

Google Analytics Summit 2018

It’s Google Analytics Summit week and we’re feeling the usual jitters and excitement! The Google Analytics Summit is an annual event where the Google Analytics team (among others) announce new products, release brand new features, and share their forward-looking vision for their products. These changes can range from small fixes to bold innovations that will […]

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“My Best Career Advice” from the Analytics Influencers

August 24, 2017

Career Advice from Analytics Influencers

No one in my generation dreamed of a career in digital analytics. It wasn’t an option for pre-Urchin children. We dreamed of being firefighters and doctors and, if you were like me, backup dancers for Michael Jackson. Lucky for music lovers, my aspirations moved away from ruining the King of Pop’s entourage. Instead, I grew […]

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Creating a Test Plan for Google Analytics Implementations

August 22, 2017


In order to be able to use the data you collect from your website, you have to know how your data reflects user actions on your website, and you have to have confidence that your website it tracking correctly. A Test Plan is a process you can use to make sure that you receive the […]

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How Google Analytics Uses Cookies To Identify Users

August 17, 2017

Let’s talk about cookies and Google Analytics. Warning: this blog post does not talk about edible cookies. For recipes, go to the recipe section of our website. Just kidding, there’s nothing you can eat there either. It is a great resource for Google Tag Manager though! There are many different types of cookies, edible and […]

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Why Do We Track Outbound Link Clicks in Google Analytics?

August 15, 2017

Everyone will leave your website at some point – whether they close their browser, hit the back arrow, or click on another bookmark. Often, we have no insight into exactly why someone leaves, however, for some users, we can get an idea of where they go. I’m referring specifically to outbound links, which are links […]

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