How many pages does your website have?


I’m working with my best friend on the redesign of a site – it’s her customer and her business, I’m just doing the web analytics and SEO. Today I was on the phone with her going through all the old pages, and she kept stopping me. “Where do you see all those pages?” she asked.

I wasn’t clicking around – I’m much too lazy for that. Instead, I use Yahoo’s Site Explorer, which is still in beta.


I haven’t found a definitive resources that shows all the pages of a site. The Google command, site: is also very helpful for this purpose, and like Yahoo, only shows you “about” how many pages you have. But Site Explorer is more feature-rich than Google. It enables you to look only at the domain itself ( or at all the subdomains too ( It also enables you to specify partial domains so that you find out everything that is in a certain part of your site. For example, I could enter for our site and get the main conversion rate page as well as all the pages that are in the conversionrate index — if Yahoo indexes them.

You can learn more about Yahoo Site Explorer . I’ll write about Google SiteMaps on a future occasion.


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  • I’m still not clear with this, in the results am I seeing how many pages my site is made up of or am i just seeing how many pages have been indexed by the search engine?

  • Further to my previous comment it can only be pages that have been indexed not all of your website pages, as I am getting different quantities of pages in different search engines. Is there anywhere you can go that just tells you how many pages your site is made up of? Or some way of seeing how much indexing is left before your site is fully indexed

  • Jim

    @Mark – you’re correct – the “” command only shows how many pages of your site are being indexed by the search engine. To find out how many pages are on your site, you can use a tool like Xenu’s Link Sleuth or sitemap generator.

    Once you create an XML sitemap for your site, you can submit it to Google through the Google Webmaster Tools interface. When you look in GWT, it will tell you how many pages of your sitemap have been indexed.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks Jim, I will check it out


  • Google’s number of pages can be 10% of yahoo’s no, as is on my site
    Bigger proportion at link’s number.
    Anyway, 95% of searches are from google…

  • Yes Robbin,this command is applicable for page indexing in Google & in yahoo for site explorer.

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