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This just in: blogging is a genetic trait.

Well okay, the research report, done by podcaster Eric Mattson and professor Nora Ganim Barnes of the University of Massachusetts, didn’t really go there, or at least not that far. They wrote,

An overwhelming majority of the [80] bloggers [in the survey] believe the attitude and behavior associated with having an effective blog can be taught. The challenge, they say is teaching a business to speak in an “authentic voice” regardless of what communications tools it chooses to employ. These bloggers believe that if businesses practice open and honest communications consistently in all their activities, they will be successful, regardless of whether they blog or not.

In the final analysis, blogging is more than posts, links, comments and feeds. Instead, it represents an attitude for interacting with employees, customers and communities. Perhaps it is not so much about having a blog as it is about thinking like a blogger…

It’s true, they really don’t go anyway near the nature argument. But whether it’s nurture or nature, I think that the ability and inclination to write completely transparently and admit to being less than perfect doesn’t come naturally to some people.

Well, don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself. I was surprised to see that it is a $52 download, given that most academic papers are free. But then, I was also surprised to see that I was in the report. Now that I see my name there, I have this distant memory of answering a survey….

Robbin Steif

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  • Daniel Waisberg

    My wife is finishing her masters on Microbiology, and I am already used to the idea that everything is genetic. Why wouldn’t blogging be genetically inherited?

    In fact I would prefer using the word memetically inherited; a term coined by Richard Dawkins (a neo-evolutionist) in his book ‘The selfish gene’ (an extremely interesting book). “For Dawkins, the meme exemplifies another self-replicating unit [as opposed to the genes], and most importantly, one which he thought would prove useful in explaining human behavior and cultural evolution.” (

    Human behavior (which includes blogging) is inherited somehow. Maybe from my fathers’ love for the Pirkei Avot, or my mother’s mathematical studies during pregnancy, who knows? That’s the questions! (and not “To be or not to be”)

    Anyway, I would prefer the term “Blogging memes”

    Daniel Waisberg

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