Batman rules: Pictures from the Summit


This is a two-topic post.

First, Batman rules. When I originally post this link to LunaMetrician Taylor Pratt’s article about Web Analytics and SEO, he got 30 unique views (that’s how they judge this contest, by unique views.) But over 500 people read this blog, and while 30/500= a 6% conversion rate, still, I just need a little bit more help. If you already went to his story, you don’t need to go again (unless you are on a different computer — how is that for gaming the system?) But if not, please check it out, even if only for a moment or two.

Also, I got into SF way too late last night, and refused to go out with everyone for sushi (because they felt like it was 9 m and I felt like it was midnight.) I did manage to capture a few pics Eric T. Petersonwith my new digital camera. I haven’t figured out all the flash settings yet.

So here is Eric, with his new haircut. I offered to give him $15 and take him to Supercuts to get a really awesome cut, and he was offended, he said all the other women love his cut.

(To be fair, this is a really lousy shot. Like I said, I am still learning how to use this little camera.)

I have a great shot of Rene that I can’t get up here, for some reason, and I lost my picture of Scott Baldwin.

June Li of ClickInsight Finally, here is June. It’s a nice picture of her, but by this time, I had figured some stuff out on my camera, plus, I wasn’t sitting in the dark outside with 50 other people, balancing luggage at the same time.

When I am not desperately trying to get down to the workout room, I will get Rene’s picture back. And another picture of Scott.

And here’s that link again to Taylor’s article.

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  • Is the first picture of Eric sans ponytail? 🙂

  • Dear lord woman, I will give you $15 to take that awful shot of me off the Internet. I have to ask myself, what did I do to deserve your wrath!

    Eric T. Peterson

  • Jeff Katz

    I think that is a spectacular picture of Eric….and great blackmail for his kids when they get older

  • Love the pics.

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