"Please send me money saving coupons"


You know how you get to the end of a checkout form, and there is the opportunity to sign up for someone’s email marketing list? Unless you don’t notice it, or you really want to be on the list, you generally don’t check it; after all, who needs more email? So stick with me and see what I saw today.

Here I am, working on DataBazaar’s website (they sell printer ink). And as part of that process, I am pretending to buy a product.

So I get to the end of the checkout process, and instead of saying, “Please add me to your mailing list,” it says, “Please send me money saving coupons.” Talk about great writing for the web. Lots of people have email marketing lists that include coupons, but they tend to be worded in your average boring way: “Please notify me of upcoming coupons via your weekly email newsletter.” (I actually got that one off a competitor’s website.)

Do other people have great ways of asking customers to sign up for their email marketing (that work?) I’d love to hear.


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  • phil mccrakin

    love this site

  • I have also seen many websites that use contests or prizes to lure people to sign up for their email list.

  • I always seek for discount coupons when I want to buy something from the web 🙂

  • It has to be something where you can save money. Like please send me tipps how to save ink?

  • Pretty much anything that offers the customer more “free” things and they will gladly subscribe or sign up for your product. It works with credit cards and cheap T-shirts and it will continue to work with other freebies. I saw someone giving away a slice of pizza that might have cost $2 at best for their credit card enrollment.

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