My Ideal Conversion Report


Brian Eisenberg asked me what my ideal report would be, if I could create just one report. The budget is unlimited, it can have as many dimensions as I like — but just one report.

So, my ideal report tells me why people are leaving the website for every page where there are exits. And then I can fix the site so that those who really needed the site could get what they need before they leave. (Hey, you said be creative. So I was.)

I think this is supposed to be a game of tag, but you know, I don’t like to play tag. I always want to hear what readers think. What would your favorite report be if you could have only one?

Our owner and CEO, Robbin Steif, started LunaMetrics twelve years ago. She is a graduate of Harvard College and the Harvard Business School, and has served on the Board of Directors for the Digital Analytics Association. Robbin is a winner of a BusinessWomen First award, as well as a recent Diamond Award for business leadership. You should read her letter before you decide to work with us.

  • steve

    I (strongly) suspect it’s just a variation on yours Robbin, but what the hey…

    In essence: Did we solve the Visitors “problem” (or reason or…) quickly and succinctly. If not, why not.

    The idea being to be able to track, over time, the delta in “problem solving” ability as a KPI. All sorts of implications around that. The “If not why not” part would be where the $$$ are I suspect. Problem solving could be buy XYZ, gather information. Whatever.

    – Steve, not tagging anyone. 🙂

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