If you've never tried Google Analytics….


… go on over to Dylan Lewis’s new web analytics wiki. The coolest part of the wiki (IMHO) is that the Google Analytics are public — and here is the username and password.

Now, he only gives read access, not administrative access. I went over to fix all the things I wanted him to have (and to figure out why his data is “accepting one goal” when there are no goals under the goal tab), and realized that I wasn’t an administrator. (*Sob* — I am so used to being an administrator.)

On the other hand, it is a great opportunity to see what they are like, if you’ve never seen them before. Plus, tonight, a reader was complaining about some v2 functionality; it was a complaint I had never heard before. “Show me,” I wrote him. “Go to Dylan’s wiki and use his public analytics.” What a fabulous opportunity — the reader can post the information to the world (well, at least to the 650 people who subscribe to this blog), and there are no NDAs required.

Now, if you have used GA, you really want to enter The Contest, right? (I never worked so hard to get a list of problems, but when I see the entries, I can see that it’s worth the effort.)


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