Automatically Show All Profiles in GA


Update: I’ve added an additional URL to when this script runs.  It now runs on* as well.  If the script stopped working for you, this was probably why and should take care of it.

You can also make this change to the existing script by going to Tools->Greasemonkey->Manage User Scripts.  In the Included Pages area, click the Add button, paste in the above URL, and click OK.


I was recently asked by Espen at if there was anyway to automatically show all your profiles for the website profile list in GA.

The default is to display 10 profiles and you can either 1. page through them (painfully) in sets of 10 per page or 2. Select from a pulldown how many you want to show at once.

Show 100 Profiles

But when you have a lot of profiles it becomes annoying to select “Show 100” every time you see this screen.

So, I wrote this very simple greasemonkey script that watches for certain location.hrefs (URLs) and adds the parameter ns=100 to the end of the URL. The ns=100 parameter directs GA to show 100 profiles at once (which is the highest option in the pulldown).

If you don’t already have Greasemonkey installed you can get it here.

Then download and install the Show 100 script. (If you have greasemonkey installed, you should be prompted to install the script when you click on it. Otherwise download it and use the greasemonkey interface to add the script).

It is not a perfect solution but it has worked well for me so far, and it may help you put off that carpal tunnel surgery for a while longer. If you have a better or smarter way to accomplish the same thing, let’s discuss it.

UPDATE: André made a code suggestion (see comments) which I have incorporated into the script.  Now it will not add the &ns=100 parameter if there are 10 or fewer profiles.  Thanks André


John is a former LunaMetrician and contributor to our blog.

  • Nice work John! This is a helpful little time-saving tool.

  • Not sure what you mean by “not a perfect solution”. I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. Seems like it does exactly what you want it to do with very little load time. I’m happy with that.

  • Very helpful…thanks!

  • This Greasemonkey script is exactly what I’ve needed! It’ll be a real time saver. Thanks, John!!

  • That’s just marvelous, it makes me go to work excited to open my GA accounts! Really helpful extension, you are turning the life of Web Analysts an easier life 🙂


  • Good solution – I hope that the folks at the Google Analytics team will pick up the idea and implement this (and a number of the other issues that you have described previously) in GA itself. A good sign of when you have to adjust your product is when the market starts to design workarounds !

  • Thanks for the comments, everyone. I really appreciate the feedback.

  • This is simply great! Strike one pet-peeve off the list in my daily online marketing chores.

    Thanks so much John.

  • Hi John,

    I added some extra code to check whether there are more than 10 profiles or filters. That way account with less profiles/filters won’t get the hard coded redirect.

    This is the code I use:

    links = document.getElementsByTagName(“a”);
    for (var i = 0; i < links.length; i++)
    if (links[i].href.match(/sn=11/))
    if (!window.location.href.match(/?/)) {window.location.href = window.location.href + ‘?ns=100’;}
    else {window.location.href = window.location.href + ‘&ns=100’;}

  • Thanks Andre.

    I appreciate you taking the time. I’m going to update my script and try it out now.

  • Andre,

    I modified your code slightly, and I plan to update the hosted script. Here’s what I have:

    atags = document.getElementsByTagName(“a”);
    var foundNext = 0;
    for (var i = 0; i < atags.length; i++)
    if (atags[i].href.match(/sn=11/)){ foundNext = 1; break;}

    if (foundNext = 1 && !window.location.href.match(/ns=/))
    if (!window.location.href.match(/?/)) {window.location.href = window.location.href + ‘?ns=100’;}
    else {window.location.href = window.location.href + ‘&ns=100’;}

  • Hi John,

    Nice addition, now it’s complete.

    Ps. You need to change this line:

    if (foundNext = 1 && !window.location.href.match(/ns=/))


    if (foundNext == 1 && !window.location.href.match(/ns=/))

  • oops. thanks.

  • Hi John, I got some other improvements:

    1. When I click “edit” next to a specific filter I go to the edit page. The script automatically redirects me to the ns=100 version, but that isn’t necessary. I changed the seconde if statement to this:

    if (foundNext = 1 && !window.location.href.match(/ns=/) && !window.location.href.match(/rid=/))

    2. Because of the reload function in the script the back button functionality gets broken, you have to click it twice if you want to navigate back. You can fix this by replacing the location.href function with location.replace. The last one replaces the url and removes the old one from the browsers history. So if you click on the back button you will navigate the right way:

    if (!window.location.href.match(/?/)) {window.location.replace(window.location.href + ‘?ns=100’) ;}
    else {window.location.replace(window.location.href + ‘&ns=100’);}


  • Thanks André,

    I’ll try to get those changes in today. I think you’ve now done more work on this script than I have.

    I’ll also mention that Jeremy at ROI Revolution has incorporated this idea into his GA Report Enhancer greasemonkey script. Anyone who is interested can take a look at what he’s doing at

  • Code Speed Suggestion:

    To check if the current setting is ‘show 10 rows’, currently you are looping through every link on the page until you find the next link. Instead I’m going to suggest this:

    var tempIndex = 0;

    // find the form named ‘length’
    for(var i = tempIndex; i < document.forms.length; i++){
    if( document.forms[ i ].name == “length” ){
    tempIndex = i;


    // grab the form
    var tempForm = document.forms[ tempIndex ];

    // grab the form’s one and only select box.
    var tempSelect = tempForm.getElementsByTagName(‘select’)[0];

    if( tempSelect.options[ tempSelect.selectedIndex ].value == “10” ){
    // do url change here.

    What do you think?


  • Yes, I’ve somewhat neglected this script.

    Originally the script was just 3 lines:

    if (!window.location.href.match(/ns=/))
    if (!window.location.href.match(/?/)) {window.location.href = window.location.href + ‘?ns=100’;}
    else {window.location.href = window.location.href + ‘&ns=100’;}

    The current code with the loop was added after Andre (see comments) pointed out that my version would redirect even if the account had 10 or fewer profiles.

    Grabbing the form by name and going from there is certainly more elegant. You might be interested also in checking out Jeremy’s approach — he incorporated the idea into GA report enhancer (see comments).

    When I get some time I’ll plan to revise the script with your improvement.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • Great! I felt just the same about that! It’s annoying to be clicking on “show 100” every time you log in. Very useful, thanks and congrats!

  • Hey, I love the user script!

    I’m making a firefox extension to compile a bunch of GA user scripts together and was wondering if I could get permission from you to add this script to the extension?

    Let me know,
    Erik Vold

  • Disney Pics

    Great user script loved it thank you

  • Dirk

    The script doesn’t work here.
    &ns=100 is added to the url, but I’m only seeing the first 10.
    Any idea what’s wrong?

  • Dirk,

    There have been some changes to the GA interface and they are doing things a little differently now. The &ns= query parameter may not be getting used anymore.

  • Dirk

    Thanks John,

    Is there an updated version of the script?

  • John,

    I am interested in this as well, has an updated script been created – this seems like it would be extremely helpful!

  • John,

    I am very interested in this script as well – has an updated version been created. This seems like it would be extremely helpful!

  • There isn’t an update script right now. I’ll have to look into what I’d need to change to get it working again. I’ll see if I can do that.

  • Would love this script if you get a new one working.

  • Great post John!

  • Warren

    So just installed and now rereading the later posts, it appears this no longer works. Too bad. Can’t understand why Google does not catch on and allow you to set this from within Analytics. Please post a fix soon!

  • I cant believe this no longer works!!! I love the grease monkey app and would have loved to use this tool 🙁

  • This script is exactly what I’ve needed! It’ll be a real time saver.
    Thanks John

  • Man, I miss this script. Any idea if you’ll ever get back to it, John?

  • John

    Thanks Michael

    Now that you mention it, I miss it too. I’ll have to look into getting it working again.

    Seems like I did that the first time it broke, but then it broke again soon after and I think I just got frustrated with trying to keep up with Google on their interface changes.

  • I tried using this earlier cause I’m new to this whole tracking thing but sadly it did not work. I wonder if there is an update for this script or what?

  • This scripts was graet, missing it as well.

  • This is a great script with lot’s of options – don’t forget about this site really let me access Google Analytics in an easy, and fast way.

  • I like your style!

  • Analytics now gives you the option to show All or Favorited accounts and profiles.

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