Advanced Segments: All about visits


There are lots of dimensions and metrics available for creating Advanced Segments. Most of these naturally apply to an entire visit: things like a visitor’s country or city, the keyword they typed on a search engine to reach the site, or their landing page.

You’ll find some items in the list that are different, however. “Page” or “Product SKU” are a couple of examples. Although visitors might have seen a particular page or purchased a particular product during their visit, they also potentially viewed other pages or purchased other products.

It’s important to recognize, however, that Advanced Segments segment entire visits. So if you create an Advanced Segment (like the one in this screenshot) that says “Page matches exactly /blog/index.php” you might not get the results you’d expect at first glance.


You’ll notice that it says “Matches 1,134 visits” and the data for all of those visits will be in the segment.

To illustrate, here’s a screenshot of the Top Content report viewing that segment. You’ll notice that pages other than just “/blog/index.php” appear. Why is that? Because Advanced Segments work on entire visits. This segment include any visit where someone viewed “/blog/index.php” — and of course, those visits also included other pageviews. You’ll find similar behavior with Advanced Segments if you segment by any dimension that occurs other than at the visit level.


This behavior is simply something to keep in mind when you’re creating Advanced Segments — you’ll always get entire visits. So what do you do if you really just want the views of a particular page (or maybe a particular section of your website)? In that case, you’ve got to go back to our old friends profiles and filters, where you can filter on the URI field.

Jonathan Weber is our Data Evangelist, focusing on bringing the strategic value of data analysis to our customers. He spreads the principles of analytics through our training seminars and even wrote a book on Google Analytics & Tag Manager. Before he caught the analytics bug, he worked in information architecture. Away from the computer, you can find him as a flower farmer and plant geek.

  • Yeap, that’s right. Back to old school analytics 🙂 Profiles and Filters

  • Thanks Robin and team,

    good thing the Googlers cleared that up at the GAAC meeting, huh? 😉



  • Isnt it possible to just add another paramater stating viewed only 1 page?


  • Steve — in that case, you only get the visits that land on the page and bounce, but it’s still about visits.

    If you’re really looking for all the pageviews of just that page (whether they were part of a single-page visit or a multi-page visit), you still need a profile.

  • I spend more time trying to figure out the counter-intuitive nature of Analytics than I do actually analyzing my data.

  • I agree with Lyon, as that’s how I found this blog… researching and analyzing Analytics!

  • Robbin

    So Psychic, maybe we (at least here at LunaMetrics) should say that’s a good thing?

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