Using Network Location in Google Analytics


Who is visiting your site?

When a visit is reported to GA, it includes the IP address.  GA doesn’t report the IP address (Google considers this Personally Identifiable Information so their privacy policy prohibits it), but it does look up who the IP Address belongs to.  Often you’ll find that the IP address of a visitor belongs to Comcast or Verizon or AT&T.  These are individuals like you and I who have their internet service with, you guessed it, Comcast or Verizon or AT&T.

These are probably the types of things in your Network Locations report.


But organizations’ IP addresses sometimes resolve back to that organization instead of a generic ISP.  Dig a little deeper and you may find segments of traffic that are important to your site.

These are important segments for this particular organization.


Where to find it:

In the GA reporting interface we can find it in the Visitor Reports under “Network Location.”

However, GA is inconsistent with the terminology for this in different locations. When creating a filter, it is called “Visitor ISP Organization.”

In Advanced Segments it is still called “Network Location,” but it’s under Systems instead of Visitors.

So there you have it, a quick look at Network Location and where to find it.

Now, go find out who is visiting your site.


John is a former LunaMetrician and contributor to our blog.


    I have visited that area before. So i might try and learn more about my visitor.

  • Interesting! In Advanced Segments, once you have selected “Network Location”, which value do you choose?

  • You choose whichever one you are interested in. You probably start by looking at the Network Location report in GA because you wonder if a particular organization is visiting your site. You see that they are, and you want to create an advanced segment for them so you can better analyze that traffic. Then you go to Advanced Segments, select Network Location, and you pick them from the list, or put in an expression that matches them.

  • City Wallpapers

    I cant find the network solution in my account :S

  • Why oh why would they remove this gem of a feature!?!?!

  • Scott

    Tell me about it does anyone know how to add tracking to your GA?

    I found one work around but i am not sure how to implemnet it. It looks like this:
    Google Analytics does not offer a facility by default to track individual user IP addresses in reports. However, Google Analytics DOES provide a handy feature called “user-defined segmentation”. The standard set of reports in GA include a number of segmentation options (geographical, referring source, new/returning – all under “marketing optimization”).

    The user-defined field allows you to create custom visitor segments. Commonly, this is used to identify a visitor with a certain action and group, such as filling out a lead form for wholesale buyers. The value gets set when a utm variable gets set via an onload, onclick, onsubmit, or other event. This forms the foundation of my method for tracking user IP’s.

    These instructions are for a web site using site-wide includes and PHP, however the methodology can be applied to any site on any platform. The code that goes client-side is what matters.

    1) Set the segmentation by using an onLoad event in the body tag:

    onLoad=”javascript:__utmSetVar(‘segment name goes here’)”

    2) Insert code to set the segment name to equal the user’s IP address:

    PHP Code:

    3)The final result will look like this:

    <body onLoad="javascript:__utmSetVar('’)”>
    other body tag elements can precede or follow the onLoad element

    4) Client site the body tag and segment variable would look like:
    HTML Code:

    Does anyone know what this means and how to creat the user-defined field as talked about in the fix above??

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