Fishy fish fish


Taking this break from your regularly programmed schedule to introduce the Fish, LunaMetrics’ newest employee. The Fish, who is paid in food and taps on the glass of his aquarium, is our office morale booster.

I can personally speak to his efficacy. Ever since he took his place upon my desk my morale has been boosted by at least 15%. Not that it was ever that low to begin with. Productivity on the other hand…

(tap tap…hello Fish)

Anyway! Due to my complete inability to find suitable names for things such as blog posts, children and, yes, fish, I’m relinquishing the dubious pleasure of naming our office fish to you, our loyal readers. And in true web marketing fashion, I’m having our fish-naming process take the form of a contest.

In order to win theĀ privilegeĀ of naming this beautiful betta, you must

1. Like our Facebook page
2. Type the proposed name on the Wall
3. Sit back and fidget with the suspense of waiting to see if your name gets chosen.

Is this a shameless plug for our new awesome Facebook page? Maybe.
Will it be worthwhile to participate anyway? Definitely.

See, by liking our Facebook page, you’ll become privy to Fan-only tips and tricks and videos that will be posted on that newly-renovated icon of Facebook awesomeness designed and implemented by our own Jim Gianoglio. So even if we don’t use your fish name, you still win.

Thanks for helping me name him! He thanks you too!

Christina is a former LunaMetrician and contributor to our blog.

  • Does that fish have TEETH?

  • Kate

    Don’t tap on his tank! He won’t like it and it will stress him out. Haven’t you ever seen ‘Free Willy’?

  • Since the fish mesmerizes your Christina how about: Maya


  • Christina Keffer

    @Jami, that fish does indeed have teeth. @Kate: I don’t really tap on his glass. But he likes following my finger around. @Avinash I’m all smug ’cause I got the Maya reference before reading the wiki article. It’s a great suggestion, and is in contention with the “Bounce Rate” suggestion on Facebook. Thanks for commenting!!

  • Jim

    The fish now has a name! (See the announcement on our Facebook page – Thanks to everyone who offered up creative suggestions.

  • The fish look great. I am thinking about going to purchase some today.

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