Some Google Analytics Language Codes




This is a small sample of GA language codes.

ar-sa —– Arabic Saudi Arabia
eu —– Basque
bg —– Bulgarian
ca —– Catalan
zh-cn —– Chinese PRC
zh-tw —– Chinese Taiwan
hr —– Croatian
cs —– Czech
da —– Danish
nl —– Dutch Standard
en —– English
en-ca —– English Canada
en-gb —– English United Kingdom
en-us —– English United States
et —– Estonian
fa —– Farsi
fi —– Finnish
fr-ca —– French Canada
fr —– French Standard
mk —– FYRO Macedonian
ms —– Malaysian
de-at —– German Austria
de —– German Standard
el —– Greek
he —– Hebrew
hu —– Hungarian
it —– Italian Standard
ja —– Japanese
ko —– Korean
lt —– Lithuanian
no —– Norwegian Bokmal
pl —– Polish
pt-br —– Portuguese Brazil
pt —– Portuguese Portugal
ru —– Russian
sk —– Slovak
sl —– Slovenian
es —– Spanish
es-ar —– Spanish Argentina
es —– Spanish Spain Traditional
sv —– Swedish
th —– Thai
tr —– Turkish

Sayf is a former LunaMetrician and contributor to our blog.

  • Meg

    Hi- I figured out that ja is Japanese but is ja-jp also an abbreviation for Japanese? What’s the difference and why would they be separated?

  • Hi thank-you for this, simple and super useful! Laura.

  • brain

    Hi dear,,,very usefull your article, but I want to ask for you. I have report by GA, my visitor list by language is ” *30790cc430790a1130790cd430790ca830790b20 ” what it’s mean ? if you not understand, paste these code to google search for example. thank you, I’ll be back….

  • Sayf Sharif

    That’s weird. I’ve never seen that before. I’ll see what I can dig up, but it could just be a bug on GA’s end.

  • Sayf Sharif


    Take a look at our blog today by Jonathan:

    It turns out that those weird languages are caused by blackberry mobile devices.

  • Thanks so much for this list. Really helpful!

  • Pauline Weller

    Can you please tell me how I add the language codes, my report says “not set”

    • Sayf Sharif

      You could add them as a custom dimension, but this generally refers to what appears in GA for a user’s language etc and it gets placed there automatically depending on the user’s device/computer setup.

  • marcus lally

    Greetings – I’ve been receiving basic Google Analytic for about a month since launching my website. All was well until two days ago every session visitor ( both new & returning ) came up either (not set) or en-us. Even the historical data was re-calibrated to (not set) & en-us… I’ve no idea what happened… I’ve been running OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5 since the launch. Any ideas ?

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