LunaTV Ep. 8 – PPC – How Does The Google AdWords Campaign Quality Score Work?


This week’s topic is PPC. In this episode we answer:

– How does the Google AdWords Campaign Quality Score Work?

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Hi! I’m Brittany Baeslack, the Paid Search Manager at LunaMetrics.

And I’m Sarah Peduzzi, Paid Search Associate.

And you’re watching LunaTV, where we answer your questions from around the web!

So today we have an interesting topic that I’m sure everyone always wonders about, and that’s Quality Score. I want to know, Brittany, if you can break that down for us, I know there are a lot of different elements that go into that.

Definitely! So as you can see by the image below there are a lot of different elements that go into quality score. There’s Click-Through Rate, Ad Relevancy, Keyword Relevancy, Landing Page Relevancy, Historical Performance and then Other Relevancy Factors. The one listed at the top, click through rate is the strongest factor Of Quality Score, it’s something everyone really needs to take into account. So in order to increase your Click-Through Rate and therefore increase your Quality Score, you really want to focus on including keywords in your ad copy.

That can even be a part of a geo- targeted campaign – if you have a landing page that specifically mentions the locations that you’re targeting, which is ideal, then you should be those locations and other parts of the keyword within the ads, which would require really structure and a finely-knit campaign breakdown. Again with geo-targeting try and get those locations on the landing page. If you’re not geo-targeting then really focus on getting the other keywords that you have on those ads. Therefore the person searching will see an ad that’s extremely relevant to what they searched, they’ll click through. Remember that the other factor in quality score is landing page relevancy. Google will look at that, see that you had those keywords on the landing page and also help to boost your quality score.

So the more targeted you are really at the end of the day, the higher your quality score will be, because you are really narrowing in on the people who are looking for a particular product or service. So, just like Brittany was saying definitely have the keyword relevancy on the landing page also, the ad copy and also make sure your click- through rates and your bit strategy is right on the keywords that are getting the most traffic. So, some other things maybe you can consider, it depends on how you approach it but, if you add in the keyword or the geo targeting location in with the keyword, that another way to really focus down to really control the bid.

But with Google’s changes and the way that they can really target searches and vice versa you can really go either way. You can either do it like that or let Google do its thing, and just let it control the searches there. So either way you do it,taking into account all the different parts of the quality score and geo targeting, depends on how you want to approach it. So essentially make sure when you’re looking to increase your quality score or just maintain or just maintain a good quality score you may have, remember to really look at the Click-Through rate first. But don’t take those other factors too lightly. When looking to increase Click Through Rate, remember the importance of keyword relevancy to the ad, Ad Relevancy to landing page and vice versa. It’s all a really ongoing circle. Don’t expect for you quality score to be golden overnight though! It definitely takes some time for it to be accepted by Google. So don’t hold your breath and hope for the best in one day. Expect it to increase slowly.

So that’s all we have for today! Thanks for watching LunaTv, Bye!

Dan Wilkerson is a former LunaMetrician and contributor to our blog.

  • Sarah

    Since I am unable to view your lovely LunaTV broadcasts at work, I really appreciate the transcripts… Any chance this one is on it’s way soon? Thanks (29-Jun-2012)

    • Anything for a fan! Transcription is up.


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