LunaTV Ep. 9 – Social Media – Should I Have One or Multiple Facebook Pages?


This week’s topic is Social Media. In this episode we answer:

– Is it better to have a single Facebook page for your business, or multiple Facebook pages for various locations/divisions/etc.?

LunaTV is a weekly segment where LunaMetrics team members answer your questions from across the web. Got a question you want answered? Tweet at us at @LunaMetrics with #lunaTV and we’ll answer your question!

Transcript available on request.

Jim Gianoglio is a Manager for the Analytics & Insight department. He works with implementation, analysis and training of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Before focusing on analytics, he led the SEO campaigns of Fortune 500 companies in the insurance, retail and CPG industries. Things you didn’t know about Jim: he’s biked from Pittsburgh to Washington DC in 41 hours, roasts coffee beans and has done voiceovers for TV commercials.

  • Jacqlyn Breymaier

    Hello! I am an intern at an advertising firm, and I am doing some research on whether or not a company should have 1 or multiple Facebook pages. I was wondering if I could obtain a copy of the transcript form this podcast )”LunaTV Ep. 9 – Social Media – Should I Have One or Multiple Facebook Pages?”), as I’d like to pass the info onto our client.

    Thank you so much!

  • Kerry Gaub

    Great points brought up here. I used to do freelance SEO (which is too time consuming and daunting for me now) and I know that these are the best things to look for when hiring. Good luck to everyone and their future success!

  • Carmen

    Could you please send me the transcripts? Thanks

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