Which Search Engine Are You?


search enginesYou’ve probably taken more personality quizzes than you are comfortable to admit, but never one like this. We’ve analyzed qualities of six of the most popular search engines and developed a highly sophisticated quiz to match your personality to a search engine. There’s a lot of science and complicated personality theories involved, but who cares about that! More importantly there are hand-picked GIFs and YouTube videos sprinkled throughout the quiz.

So take your time, watch some videos, and by the end of your self examination and a little soul searching you will know which search engine you are! Will it be Google? Bing? Proceed and find the answer. Please share by clicking the social buttons above. Thanks for taking LunaMetrics’ quiz, and enjoy!

Chris is a former LunaMetrician and contributor to our blog.

  • I’m Ask! LOL))
    Thanks Chris! This made my day! Is there an option to embed the test?

    • Chris Vella

      Hi Kristina,

      Glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately we are unable to provide an embed code for this quiz, due to the platform used to create the quiz.


  • Awesome fun! I got Bing. Great job Chris!

  • JBig Dolla J


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