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ga-accordion-nav-440The Google Analytics interface was updated this week. Gone is the familiar orange navigation bar at the top of the page. In its place now is a unified interface that shares commonality with other Google properties around the web, especially after the interface changes in Google AdWords and Tag Manager.

One thing that was not changed, however, is the functionality of the left-hand navigation. We here at LunaMetrics have been jonesing for a return to the classic functionality of the interface, circa 2010, which allowed users to click on a menu header to immediately collapse all other open menus.

ga-accordion-navToday I’m pleased to share that we’ve written a simple Chrome extension to restore this classic functionality. Click on Real-Time, and Audience automatically collapses. No need to scroll excessively down the page. Couldn’t be easier.

I hope that you GA power users out there might find it as useful as we have!

Download it here: Accordion Nav for Google Analytics (Chrome only)

Alex Moore is Vice President of our Analytics & Insight practice. He started building websites in the late-90s, and has spent over ten years in agencies, focused on front-end development, SEO/SEM, and of course web analytics. He also leads trainings in Google Analytics and Tag Manager around the country. Alex received his master's degree in Dublin, where he explored the Irish coast with a furry dog and lots of pints.

  • Hi Alex, thanks for chrome extensions – its all good if you can save your time:) That is why i love chrome exensions to Analytics:)

  • Les

    Sweet & thank you! Great way to end a Friday!

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