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Hmm…I wonder what this post is about.

You don’t spend endless hours online without coming across some great websites that the average person wouldn’t find. I have folders and folders of these sites and thought offloading some of them into a blog post would be useful for some. The following resources focus on design: free stock image sites, free vector graphic sites, color generates, pattern generators, and a couple great free font and data visualization websites.

Let me know what your go-to resources are in the comments!

Royalty Free Images

stockxchng logo royalty free images Morgue File Royalty Free Images

Free Media Gooo Royalty Free Images stockVault Free Images

Hongkiat Stock Images - Free Unprofound Royalty Free Images

Pixel Perfect Digital Images  Open Photo Free Images

Getty Images Creative Commons Image After Royalty Free Images   

Free Photo Bank Images Flickr Creative Commons Logo

Free Vector Files

Keep Designing Free Vectors Free Design File Vector and Image Graphics

Icon Finder - free design file icons Logo EPS - free eps files

Logo Templater Logo Hongkiat Free Vectors

Color Generators and Converters

adobeKuler-logo motherEffingHSL-logo 

colordLogo gradientScanner-logo

colorrrs-logo colorSchemeDesigner-logo


Pattern Generators

patternifyCSSLogo patternizerLogo

bgMaker-logopixelKnetes-logocolourLovers-logo guillochePatterGenerator-logo


Free Web Fonts

10001FreeFonts-logo fontSquirrel-logo daFont-logo awesomeFontstacks


Data Presentation

infogram-logo googleDevelopers-logo timelineJA-logo presentMe-logo picktoChart-logo easelly-logo

HTML and CSS Generators

As you can see CSS websites aren’t big on logos.

Sean McQuaide is a Senior Account Manager at LunaMetrics. As the technical search marketing lead he is the go-to for website audits, search analysis, and site performance. Sean also leads LunaMetrics A/B testing service where he uses his experience identifying user intent to find and test conversion opportunities. Sean spends his free time racing sailboats in the Gulf, constructing massive sandcastles on the beach, touring breweries, and running 5 & 10ks.

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