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gtm-trainingLearn about Google Tag Manager, get your hands dirty, and get your questions answered… in less than a day. We are proud to introduce a brand new training course: Google Tag Manager – Basics & Beyond! This is a hands-on, intensive workshop, debuting in New York City for Internet Week on Thursday, May 22nd, at SUNY Global Center in Manhattan.

This workshop will be significantly different than our other trainings. It will be more interactive: LunaMetrics will provide a live demo sandbox, where attendees will practice setting up Google Analytics events to track button clicks, form submits, and other JavaScript interactions, all through Google Tag Manager. It will be more collaborative: a limited number of seats ensures that each attendee will be able to sit with our qualified trainers and talk through their specific questions relating to their own implementations. And it will be more intensive: the course will run for a half day, and it will be packed with both technical and strategic components, providing real-world implementation techniques you can enact on your own website right away.

Some of the topics we’ll discuss:

  • Writing Tags, Rules and Macros, with a focus on extensibility
  • Learning about the Data Layer, and how to interact with it
  • Exploring auto-event listeners and Rules with regular expressions
  • Learning techniques for sequencing tags
  • Setting custom dimensions and metrics through Universal Analytics
  • Loading jQuery and other libraries through GTM

Our Google Tag Manager workshop is informed by our consulting experience working with dozens of client GTM implementations, and through our position as a Google Certified Partner vetted by Google to support Google Tag Manager. As one of the leaders in this industry, our team has written important blog posts related to Tag Manager, and our own Jonathan Weber was part of the W3C initiative to standardize the Data Layer specification.

Come join us in New York City for one of the first Google Tag Manager trainings on the East Coast! And be on the lookout for additional Google Tag Manager trainings around the country, starting this summer!

Alex Moore is Vice President of our Analytics & Insight practice. He started building websites in the late-90s, and has spent over ten years in agencies, focused on front-end development, SEO/SEM, and of course web analytics. He also leads trainings in Google Analytics and Tag Manager around the country. Alex received his master's degree in Dublin, where he explored the Irish coast with a furry dog and lots of pints.

  • Ping me when you come to North Carolina

  • Viktoriya

    Hi Alex,

    Aren’t you planning to run the same workshop in San Francisco? I have my tickets for GA seminar on April 29-30. GTM workshop would be missing sweet cherry on top of it.

    Thank you,

  • Viktoriya, actually we won’t be doing a full-blown GTM workshop in San Francisco this month, but since I will be the person giving the GA training, I plan to go over GTM in detail at the end of day on April 30th for GA 301! We’ll walk through a demo of GTM and talk about tags, rules, macros, the dataLayer, and talk through some actual examples of auto-event tracking. Looking forward to seeing you there and talking GTM!

  • ranyere

    are you planning to run online courses as well? it would definitely be welcome!

  • No plans to have online trainings as of yet, but thanks for the feedback!

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