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Note: This article provides a bookmarklet of an updated script from a previous article. For a fuller description of the applications and intended analysis for this bookmarklet, see the original article, Using ALL of Google Webmaster Tools data to tackle (not provided)


gwtA few months ago I wrote a post with a JavaScript method for exporting the Top Page report from Google Webmaster Tools. I have converted this JavaScript into a bookmarklet:

GWT Pages Export 1.0

And below is an updated Bookmarklet with a progress count:

GWT Pages Export 1.1

In order to save this Bookmarklet, drag and drop this link onto your Bookmarks Toolbar. Alternatively, right-click it and copy its link address. Then, create a new bookmark and paste your copied address as the Bookmark address.

GWT TSV Top Pages Search Queries

example Top Pages TSV

Now you can click this Bookmarklet when you are on the Google Webmaster Tools Top Pages Report (remember to first expand the table to the maximum number of rows by appending the GWT Top Pages URL with &grid.s=100000), and the table will be downloaded as a TSV file. The code can take a while to run,  so be patient. It can take up to 5 minutes for 1000 pages. The reason that the code is slow to run is that the table is not loaded completely upon page load. We have to individually request that each page be expanded to display its search queries.

Although there is already a Download this table option for this report, it only downloads a CSV file of the top search queries (not delimited by page). In my previous post, I outline a method for using this page-delimited search query data for addressing not provided. It seems to be one of the last (albeit slightly cumbersome) methods for regaining our data.

Noah is a former LunaMetrician and contributor to our blog.

  • Sean Henri

    Awesome hack, but when I try this for a larger site with tens of thousands of pages, the data is capping at around 19,000 rows of page/keyword data which equates to around only 700 or so pages. It’s still a huge chunk of helpful data, but any ideas on why I’m not getting the full batch visible in GWT?

  • When I try to use the bookmarklet it takes me to a 404 page here on I tried editing the bookmark to remove the URL and start with (function)… but Chrome won’t allow me to do that. Am I missing something obvious here?


  • By the way when I just open up the Developer Tools Javascript console and paste the script in starting with (function…) it works just fine.

  • Hey Everett, it was a WordPress formatting issue. The Bookmarklet has been corrected; try it again.

    Sorry about that!


  • Dan

    Never works for me 🙁

    I’ve tried the one on the previous post but it skips so many pages to expand.

  • Yasir

    That’s it awesome. It worked perfectly. Thanks for your time !!

  • Pic

    Hy! Why when donwload the report, the column Keyword is missing?

  • Pic

    It work with Chrome browser. Thaks!

  • jugador

    It’s working for me but the ‘Page’ column is empty. Any clue? thanks!

  • Unfortunately no working.
    I see reading pages, but in tsv file save only title column: |keyword|impressions|clicks.
    I have cca. 2500 pages.

    Thanks for help

  • Jose

    I have the same problem

    only title column: |keyword|impressions|clicks.

    Any solution?


  • Drew

    Hi, I have an issue where the tsv file pattern looks like this:

    page keyword impressions clicks
    keyword #,### #,###

    The URL is on one line, then a newline, then a tab, then the keyword, etc.

    I’m using a Mac on Chrome

  • Hi, the report should be written in tsv but in which folder? In my usual download folder I have’nt seen the file.

  • mj

    It’s a shame, but it seems not working anymore, i’m testing al several browser (mac & windows as well).

  • Yasir

    It worked fine when I last commented but now it is just returning empty rows with only header columns.

  • skarly

    that is right,i have the same problem.Have you figure this out?Is there anyone who solve this problem?

  • n_mitch

    I’m having this same problem. This is what my format is looking like in Excel:

  • Stephen Oliver

    Could you please make it compatible for latest search analytics?

  • Tom Smith

    Is this still supported? Doesn’t seem to be a link there

  • Lucatag

    is this code still working? Would be great if you could fix it please.

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