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Roughly 85 percent of Google queries are not new searches. The majority of searches are old favorites that are asked nearly each day.

The same is true at our Google AdWords trainings where FAQs dominate Q&A. People tend to struggle from similar obstacles year after year, whether it be match type or account settings or whatever.

Somewhere just beyond Michael’s top 5 common PPC questions is linking Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools accounts, a question that we hear at most AdWords training sessions.

“Why can’t I see my AdWords data in my Google Analytics?”

This is an update to an outdated post that offered a step-by-step troubleshooting guide, complete with how-tos and screenshots. Linking your Google products together helps to provide context to your data, allowing you to draw deeper insights and hopefully, make more accurate conclusions!

Verify Appropriate Access Levels

Before we begin, please verify email addresses and access levels. You will need administrative access at the account level in AdWords and the “Manage Users/Edit” access at the property level in Analytics. Use the following screenshots to ensure that you hold the right rank. (You can click on screenshots for full-size images!)

Verifying AdWords Access


Verifying Analytics Access


Show AdWords data in Google Analytics

The goal in this section is to share information between accounts so (1) AdWords data can be used in Analytics and (2) Analytics data can be used in AdWords.

Step A: Login to Google Analytics and (1) select the Admin tab at the top of the page. You will then need to pick the appropriate ACCOUNT and (2) PROPERTY.


Step B: Under the PRODUCT LINKING header, (1) click on AdWords Linking and (2) verify the AdWords account. Note: Any trouble here might be a sign that you do not have an administrative access level.


Step C: Once the AdWords account has been selected, you will need to (1) add a name for the account link, (2) pick the views where you would like to make AdWords data available and (3) confirm the link by clicking the blue button.


Show Google Analytics Data in AdWords

Step D: Login to AdWords and (1) select the gear icon then (2) Account settings.


Step E: Navigate to (1) Linked accounts then (2) Google Analytics. You can add data from Google Analytics views by (3) clicking the Add button.


Step F: Add data from Google Analytics to AdWords by (1) selecting Customize columns under the Columns tab.


Step G: Find the (1) Google Analytics tab and (2) Add metric columns to display that data in AdWords reports.


If all dots were connected correctly, you should have an email in your inbox to acknowledge that your work here is done.

Linking AdWords to Google Webmaster Tools

A link between these accounts provides broader search data to AdWords, allowing marketers to compare the relationship between organic and paid search efforts. Stephen wrote a nice overview here on how to use the Paid & Organic Report.

Step H: In the Account settings section of AdWords that we discussed above, (1) select Linked accounts then (2) Webmaster Tools. That will allow you to (3) search for your domain in Google Webmaster Tools. Note: Access to the Webmaster Tools account is required.


Step I: You should see something like this screen once the account has been linked.


For more on the Paid & Organic Report, see Google’s guide here.

Andrew Garberson is the Director of the Digital Marketing Strategy department. He has led digital marketing efforts in a variety of settings, including agency, entrepreneurial and nonprofit environments, and has master's degrees in business administration and mass communications. An Iowan at heart and Pittsburgher in spirit, Andrew commutes on his 10-speed most days between March and December -- after all, he's only human.

  • Patrick

    Thanks so much for this. I would never in a million years have been able to work out all those steps, and I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to link the 2 accounts. This step-by-step guide was fantastic and all the settings and screens were just as you said they would be. Why do they make it so hard!!! Thanks again

  • Making it easy would be too easy!

  • Hey Andrew,

    I can’t figure out how connect my Adwords to my Webmaster Tools. Following your step by step, i’ve sent the request to Webmaster Tools and received an email message and a message in Webmaster tools which both say the exact same following message:

    “Your request to import organic search performance data for to your AdWords account (— Pow Photography) has been sent to the webmaster of for approval. You’ll receive another notification if your request is approved.”

    However, there is no link in this message to approve the request. I’ve searched all over webmaster tools to try and figure out where to approve this request but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Is it possible that there’s a bug and there’s no place to approve this?


    • Let’s check one thing first:

      Does your account have “owner” status in Google Webmaster Tools? Inside GWT, under the gear icon, there is a “Users and site owners” tab. I take it you are the owner?

      • Thanks for the quick reply. Good question. Yes. I just double checked.

        • One last check: Gear icon -> Associates -> Accounts

          No AdWords account confirmed?

          • Nope. Just a really sad looking G+ page but no other accounts.

          • I can’t seem to replicate or find this happening to coworkers. All signs are beginning to point to a bug, and might be lead here:!searchin/webmasters/adwords$20verification

          • I’m sorry, i’m confused. Are you saying that you can make this connection on your end and that it might be something i’m doing. (which is probably the most likely)

          • No, I’m agreeing that there might be a bug. If your email address is receiving the notification but you are not able to toggle the switch in GWT, something is wrong. The next step is the formal Google help forum. Sorry we couldn’t figure it out.

          • Thanks for taking a look at it Andrew! At least i’m not the only one struggling with it.

  • Ayman Albarbary

    Hello Andrew,

    Thank you for the article. I have a question for you.

    I am running Google Adwords campaigns on Search Network to many local businesses. Using “Call Extension” is a no-brainer to drive business inquiries. I use Google Analytics to primarily report on the campaigns performance. One of my main challenges is “Call Extension” tracking in GA. I count every click on the call extension as a lead.

    So is there a way to link the “call extension” click data with Google Analytics?

    Thank you!


  • بازاریابی سامیتا

    Thanks for this article.
    I don’t have webmaster tools tab in adwords(Linked Accounts)

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