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As our industry changes and new tools are created, LunaMetrics continually strives to deliver quality education from real-life consultants. We are thrilled to announce two new LunaMetrics courses: a Google Optimize training and a Google Data Studio training. These new products from Google boast attractive interfaces, advanced features, and unprecedented seamless integrations to other Google products like Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

We’ve spent months crafting these workshops to specifically address feedback from previous training attendees, building out two full-day experiences that carefully balance theory and practice by first introducing the topics of conversion optimization or data visualization and then following with interactive workshops to learn the tools in a hands-on environment. We’ve honed our presentations and even held an exclusive demo day to test our trainings and gain valuable feedback from small focus groups.

Attendees will benefit from learning the WHY and the HOW in these two courses, and we’ll introduce best practices and immediate takeaways for you to use in your organization, as well as handouts and slides from the courses.

Google Data Studio Training and Data Visualization Workshop

A new member to Google’s suite of products, Google Data Studio is a powerful tool that makes it easy to create dynamic and visually appealing reports outside of the Google Analytics interface. Similar to Google Analytics, there is a free version that anyone can get started using right away, Google Data Studio, and an enterprise level that increases the number of reports and owners within the interface, Google Data Studio 360. It doesn’t matter which version you have for the course, we’ll cover both and explain important differences.

Data Studio Examples

Built on the Google Drive interface, this browser-based tool allows real-time collaboration and direct connections to all our Google data (think Google Analytics, AdWords, YouTube Analytics, BigQuery, and more!). We can also bring in data from Google Sheets or your own database, meaning we can literally visualize any data and combine data sources in the same report.

We are pleased to offer this workshop as a natural continuation of our Google Analytics courses. While not limited to Google Analytics data, it’s the perfect way to introduce Google Data Studio. Attendees can learn the basics of Google Analytics in our Google Analytics 101 course, dive into advanced analysis and features in the Google Analytics 201 course, then learn how to best communicate that information in our Google Data Studio Workshop.

This is a brand new workshop with limited seating and will only be available in select cities.

Google Data Studio
Workshop Description
Google Data Studio
Workshop Schedule

Feedback from Early Attendees:

“The Data Studio course ensures that I can now efficiently visualize data for my organization and clients, saving time and money for everyone involved.”
“This is an extremely valuable skillset for addressing the needs of my execs. … Exactly what I needed and expected.”
“This tool is really what we needed in order to provide data to our clients. So glad to be ahead of the curve for once!”

Google Data Studio Blog Posts:

Google Optimize Training and Conversion Optimization Workshop

Google Optimize is the new tool from Google that makes it easy to add content experiments, A/B testing, and personalization to your website. It will seem familiar to anyone who has used a similar product, but it’s the connections to Google Analytics that make this tool so powerful. Import and optimize for familiar metrics and goals from your existing Google Analytics account, and report on the results in both the Google Optimize and Google Analytics interface.

Similar to Google Analytics, there is a free version, Google Optimize, that is currently accepting requests to join the beta, as well as an enterprise level, Google Optimize 360, that increases the number of experiments and enables certain features. It doesn’t matter which version you have for the course, we’ll cover both and explain important differences.

Google Optimize Examples

From a training perspective, this is an amazing addition to our roster of courses. Where Google AdWords helps drive traffic to our website and Google Analytics helps measure traffic and behavior, this tool lands squarely in the middle, allowing us to test changes and variations to our website quickly and easily, and often without involving our development teams. We can edit landing pages using the live editor, explore design and structure changes to our templated pages, or personalize content and experiences all while focusing on improving conversions.

We’re excited to offer this course at the end of the week as perfect extensions of our Google Tag Manager course and the AdWords course series, both of which end on Thursday.

This is a brand new workshop with limited seating and will only be available in select cities.

Google Optimize
Workshop Description
Google Optimize
Workshop Schedule

Feedback from Early Attendees:

“Google Optimize is a game changer for companies interested in tailoring their content to meet the interests of their users.”
“[I was b]rought up to speed on a tool that I had no knowledge of but could certainly see benefit in using. This session definitely helped my understanding of the Google suite and was in line with my previous GTM training.”
“I enjoyed the hands-on structure of the class.”

Google Optimize Blog Posts:


Jon Meck is our Director of Marketing & Training, promoting our services and trainings to the world. He has a jack-of-all-trades background, working for companies large and small in social media, website design and maintenance, and analytics. He is an Excel enthusiast, he loves efficiency, and he is strong proponent of the “Work Smarter, Not Harder” mantra. Jon is also the author of two number puzzle books.

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