Alex Moore

Alex Moore is the Director of the Analytics & Insight department. He started building websites in the mid-90s, and has spent over ten years in agencies, focused on front and back-end development, SEO/SEM and web analytics. He also leads trainings in Google Analytics and Tag Manager around the country. Alex received his master's degree in Dublin, where he explored the Irish coast with a furry dog and lots of pints.

The Value of Google BigQuery and Google Analytics 360

May 17, 2017


The integration between Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery is perhaps the most empowering feature in all of web analytics. (There, I said it!) Its hit-level data and cloud-based infrastructure give BigQuery analysis capabilities not found in other web analytics platforms, including both free tools and paid. BigQuery can be the link between third-party data and […]

Track Forms Without Thank You Pages Using GTM

July 1, 2015

Goal Funnels in Google Analytics are great. They allow you to track the progress your users make toward a Goal completion, with defined steps leading up to a final conversion. You can see where your users fall out of the funnel, and focus your efforts on those troublesome steps. Over time you can improve conversion […]

Eliminating Bot Traffic from Google Analytics Once and For All

April 1, 2015

For more up to date information, check out our recent post on Bot and Spam filtering. If you’ve used Google Analytics, you’ve probably wanted to know: how much of our traffic actually comes from real human beings? In Google Analytics, it’s not always clear. It is reported that bot traffic now accounts for 56% of […]

Remove (other) from Content Reports, Even on Huge Websites

September 24, 2014

Update October 2015: The workaround outlined in this blog post may no longer circumvent the high cardinality restriction. Additionally, restrictive character-length limits are now being imposed on custom dimensions, which were not present in the past.   It happens all the time. One day you notice a big, ugly surprise at the top of your […]

Introducing Google Tag Manager Training

March 21, 2014

Learn about Google Tag Manager, get your hands dirty, and get your questions answered… in less than a day. We are proud to introduce a brand new training course: Google Tag Manager – Basics & Beyond! This is a hands-on, intensive workshop, debuting in New York City for Internet Week on Thursday, May 22nd, at […]

Google Analytics Accordion Navigation Chrome Extension

February 14, 2014

The Google Analytics interface was updated this week. Gone is the familiar orange navigation bar at the top of the page. In its place now is a unified interface that shares commonality with other Google properties around the web, especially after the interface changes in Google AdWords and Tag Manager. One thing that was not […]

SEO Reporting with Google Tag Manager

December 30, 2013

This has been a big year for keyword (not provided). It has become more difficult than ever to gauge the success of SEO campaigns. That single term is now showing for over 95% of’s organic search traffic! Yikes! Our SEO team has been hard at work finding ways to get back some of that […]

How To Upgrade To Universal Analytics: A Survival Guide

October 25, 2013

An icy storm gathers in the North. Winter’s first frigid gales bring harrowing legends of server-side configurations, custom dimensions, and cross-device tracking. Web analysts shiver with fear, ill-prepared for the creeping frost. There is nothing to stop it now. Universal Analytics is coming. At this year’s GA Summit, we heard a major announcement that a […]

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