Dan Settlemire

Dan is a Manager at LunaMetrics with an Agency/Development background. He has over five years of experience working with Google Analytics. He loves leveraging data to help clients make better decisions. Dan loves new methods and lives by the motto, “break it and make it better.” Dan is a husband and father of four future data science-loving sons. When not putting kids to bed, he writes songs and plays guitar.

Agile Analytics: A Master Guide to Implementation

October 10, 2017


In setting up Google Analytics (GA) implementations, we find that we need to integrate the work we do with the clients’ existing workflows and project management approaches. Typically, [from the client’s perspective] our implementations more of a “Waterfall” approach; we take on the implementation directly. The development team places Google Tag Manager (GTM) on the […]

Avoid the Data Doldrums: 3 Ways to Stay On-Course in Analytics

April 20, 2016

You have a client that started a betting pool. They need to determine how many transatlantic ship voyages ended in calamity. They really want to win and are willing to devote all resources at their disposal to win the $500 prize and a pizza. They are willing to split the pizza with you. Their resources include your wits and the internet. Very excited at the prospect of a free lunch, you dive into the task at hand.

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