Heather Post

Heather Post is a Senior Analyst at LunaMetrics. Heather is a true paid search marketer, originally trained to focus her efforts on direct response and lead gen campaigns. She always asks the question “how do we get the most value out of every dollar spent?” When she’s not analyzing paid search metrics, Heather is happily at home in her new city of Pittsburgh with her husband and daughter.

Inspirational Quotes – For Life & Google Ads

July 20, 2018

Today we’re detouring from our normally scheduled technical programming to explore some larger thoughts and action items to use in work and life. Lily Tomlin once said, “The road to success is always under construction.”  At least, I think she once said that. These days, you blindly trust the internet to assign the right quote […]

Get Free Advertising For Your Nonprofit with Google Grants

June 1, 2017


For the majority of nonprofits, having a significant advertising or marketing budget is not possible. Therefore, these organizations that give back to the community, the world and/or the greater good need to take full advantage of all and every opportunity that comes their way. Well nonprofits, you may be in luck! With Google Ad Grants, […]

My 2017 Wish List for Google AdWords

March 7, 2017


I work in Google AdWords a lot. In fact, the majority of my day is spent in AdWords, whether I am managing a client’s account, building new campaigns, doing keyword research, analyzing performance, setting up tests… and I could go on. While Google does a great job of supplying us with many useful tools, reports […]

(New) Ways to Reach Prospects in Your PPC Account

November 15, 2016

How long have you worked on your accounts? 1 year? 2 years? 5 years? As we get more familiar with our accounts, understanding our consumer – the keywords they search on, where to reach them – becomes almost second nature. We, as marketers, tend to do what is comfortable and what we’re good at – […]

AdWords Segments: What Are They & How Can I Use Them?

July 11, 2016

Segments are a feature in Google AdWords, almost hidden under the main navigation, alongside some other interesting buttons. While this button doesn’t seem particularly outstanding, looks can be deceiving. It holds a wealth of information about your campaigns that can help you make more informed decisions. What Are Segments? Segments allow advertisers to dig deeper […]

Quick Tips on Improving User Experience

April 6, 2016

User experience has become more and more important in our digitally focused world. And an optimal user experience means a customer-oriented experience. Here are some things to know right now if you’re trying to enhance your website visitors’ experiences.

Choosing the Best Sitelinks for Your Campaign

February 8, 2016

Adding sitelinks to your campaign is a no brainer. As Michael wrote in his ad extensions blog post, Google has reported that sitelinks alone can boost your click-through rate by 30%. That’s huge! It’s no wonder that sitelinks are so popular. The purpose of this blog post is to give you immediate, relevant ideas on […]

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