James Keener

Jim is a Data Architect at LunaMetrics. He is a rail fan with a MS in Civil Engineering and BS in Mathematics, both from the University of Pittsburgh, and has worked with software at local companies and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. When not train-watching or extracting information from data, he works on software projects and is a member at a maker space and public transit advocacy group.

Instant Articles Analytics Integration

October 4, 2016


Instant Introduction Facebook launched Instant Articles at their F8 conference this year. Instant Articles allow a stripped-down version of your content designed by you to be shown when Facebook users click on your content within Facebook. The concept, to increase page load speed for the end-user, is similar to Google’s AMP, and similarly requires ads […]

Google Apps Script: An Unsung Hero

August 10, 2016


Google Apps Script is a service provided by Google that allows small bits of JavaScript that can interact with other Google Services and other services that provide a web-based API. The Apps Script can be triggered based on web requests, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Docs, or, most interestingly, a timer. The time-based triggers are […]

Noteworthy Features of Firebase Analytics

May 19, 2016

The Google I/O conference is always full of fun announcements, and this year is no different! One announcement that really caught our eye was about Firebase, which is now becoming a “unified app platform”. Leveraging and building on the real-time database, user authentication, and cross-device tools that Firebase already has, this announcement adds analytics, error […]

Self-Joins, Windowing, and User Defined Functions in BigQuery

May 12, 2016

Google’s BigQuery offers unprecedented access to Google Analytics data for Google Analytics 360 (Premium) customers. With great data comes great challenges, especially when you start attempting complicated calculations beyond the traditional metrics in Google Analytics. There are many ways to write queries in Google’s BigQuery, each has its strengths and weakness. Some of the basics of writing queries were covered in a previous post, but now we’re going to look at three different approaches to writing complex queries.

Expanding Marketo’s Integration with Google Analytics

March 24, 2016

Marketo provides marketing automation solutions to simplify gathering, sorting, and organizing contact lists. Marketo RTP integrates natively with Google Analytics. Marketo’s Integration This integration allows Marketo to insert specific pieces of data that only Marketo knows, such as the Industry, into Google Analytics as Custom Dimensions that describe the user on the website. The linked […]

Querying Google Analytics Data in BigQuery

February 11, 2016

BigQuery, a database designed to query massive datasets in parallel using an SQL-like language, is a member of the Google Cloud Platform. What makes BigQuery interesting for Google Analytics users, specifically Premium customers, is that Google can dump raw Google Analytics data into BigQuery daily. While this enables many types of analysis that can’t be performed within the Google Analytics interface, it […]

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