Jim Gianoglio

Jim Gianoglio is a Manager for the Analytics & Insight department. He works with implementation, analysis and training of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Before focusing on analytics, he led the SEO campaigns of Fortune 500 companies in the insurance, retail and CPG industries. Things you didn’t know about Jim: he’s biked from Pittsburgh to Washington DC in 41 hours, roasts coffee beans and has done voiceovers for TV commercials.

Analyzing Changes to Your Site Navigation

October 2, 2014

The Problem You just optimized the main navigation on your site to make it easier for users to find the more “popular” pages. But did the changes do the trick? Did they improve the user experience? Your boss is breathing down your neck to get answers to these questions. The Solution The Navigation Summary report in Google […]

The Death of UTM Campaign Parameters

September 9, 2014

UTM campaign parameters. We love them. We hate them. They make it easy to track both online and offline marketing efforts. But they aren’t very pretty to look at, and they’re difficult to implement reliably, especially for a layperson (i.e. non-technical person). Often, there’s a situation where we want to track a number of different […]

Campaign Tracking with a Dynamic Source

June 11, 2014

Do you want to track your press releases or distributed content (widgets, infographics, embedded content, etc.)? I’m going to show you a much better way to do that with campaign tracking in Google Analytics. I was recently asked a question by an attendee to our Google Analytics training in Los Angeles about using campaign tracking […]

Share Your Goals in Google Analytics

April 10, 2014

First there was the honorable GoalCopy plugin for Firefox, a previous tool we created, which ruled the kingdom for many (internet) years. This tool gave you the magical ability to copy goals from one profile (remember when that’s what they were called?) to another with ease. And the peasants rejoiced. But then came v5 of […]

Cross-Domain Tracking With Google Tag Manager

December 24, 2013

UPDATE: Looking for instructions on cross-domain tracking with the new version of Google Tag Manager? Check here: Cross Domain Tracking with Google Tag Manager (V2) Cross-domain tracking has been the bane of any analyst’s experience for, oh, just about ever. It is probably the hardest thing to get right in a Google Analytics implementation, and in […]

How to Filter Bot Traffic From Your Google Analytics

September 5, 2013

UPDATE: July 30, 2014 – Google announced a feature to automatically filter out bots and spiders. Learn more here. One of the benefits of client-side, tag-based analytics (as opposed to server side analytics) is that you generally don’t have to filter out traffic from bots. However, it seems lately that some bots (*cough, cough* Microsoft) have been […]

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