Kathleen Harvey

Kathleen is a Consultant at LunaMetrics. Before coming to LunaMetrics, Kathleen spent several years living between Florence, Paris, New York City, and Pittsburgh (her all time favorite). Ready for a new adventure, she traded in her romance languages for coding languages in order to become an apprentice. She is learning all there is to know about data analytics and is luckily surrounded by many smart people willing to teach her!

Average Time Until Event with Calculated Metrics

February 6, 2018

Google Analytics can answer many questions, but every client’s needs are different. Many clients ask questions that can’t always be immediately found in their data. Recently I was asked, “How long has a user been on this page before completing a specific action?” We set up event tracking to know how many times that action […]

Fire Google Tag Manager Tags on Your Own Terms

September 20, 2016

Google Tag Manager Custom Firing Options

These days, we can schedule everything. I can set my DVR to record our coworker, Dorcas, on Jeopardy like she was last night. In Pittsburgh, I can now schedule my Uber car (with or without driver) to arrive at my house at a specific time. So it makes sense that I want this same type […]

User ID in Google Analytics and Ethics

August 18, 2016


With the release of the latest version of Google Analytics, Universal Analytics, a new feature was rolled out that allows websites to track the same user as they move across different devices and browsers. This feature has great implications for data accuracy – being able to more accurately track users provides companies with better data […]

The Google Analytics Syllabus: How to Learn for Free

July 7, 2016


Whether you need to learn Google Analytics for your job or for your personal website, no worries, you don’t have to go back to school just yet. There are many ways to learn Google Analytics from the comfort of your home. Just follow this syllabus. General Information This “course” is an introduction to the big […]

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