Robbin Steif

Our owner and CEO, Robbin Steif, started LunaMetrics twelve years ago. She is a graduate of Harvard College and the Harvard Business School, and has served on the Board of Directors for the Digital Analytics Association. Robbin is a winner of a BusinessWomen First award, as well as a recent Diamond Award for business leadership. You should read her letter before you decide to work with us.

Great Ways to Get an Interview in SEM, SEO and/or Analytics

February 22, 2011

Since I spend my days looking at resumes and cover letters (I had four open positions, but am finally starting to figure some of them out), I wanted to write what the job search looks like from the other side, especially when it comes to our field, Internet Marketing. Now, some of you have it […]

Copyrights, Year Five

January 4, 2011

Every year,  I write one post that is basically the same (sorry, Mr. Duplicate Content.) What’s the deal on website copyrights, and should you change yours when the calendar year changes? I wrote the first version of this in 2007, and you can read the original here.  The short version is that a copyright range, […]

Capitalization and GA: Basic but necessary

December 6, 2010

Today, while reading our KissInsights, I saw this question: “[I came to your site to] learn how to aggregate all pages that are the same to be the same page when using Google Analytics. Currently, we have a number of instances where the same page shows up multiple times because the page is capitalized in […]

Looking at your analytics every day (or week)

November 2, 2010

Some of you are devoted to your analytics and look at them hourly. You are more addicted to those numbers than to the one you ask the lottery man to give you every week. Certainly, you care more about them than you care about the number on the scale every morning. But, not everyone is […]

So do you have a Facebook strategy?

October 26, 2010

About five months ago, I decided (as did lots of other people) that social media is powerful, but it had to be used well. So our company — led by one very interested analyst — learned all the nuances of great and no-so-great Facebook company pages.  Before we started to put together a “real” facebook […]

User test your competitor's website

October 11, 2010

Last week, I was at Big Picture Communications , a marketing and research agency here in Pittsburgh.  We talked about their Google Analytics, their SEO and their website in general. And then I showed them one of my favorite tools, They *loved* it. (And who wouldn’t?) Fast, inexpensive, great results if you ask great […]

Designing a Google Analytics friendly site

September 22, 2010

“So we’re designing a new site,” the question usually starts, “And, we want to make it Google Analytics friendly.” As you design (and if you design with GA in mind), here are some things to think about. Yes, there are plenty of workarounds if you don’t design for GA and then discover it later, but […]

RegEx ebook Answers – for Google Analytics

July 27, 2010

A couple months ago, I published a RegEx for Google Analytics ebook. You can download the ebook or just “page through it” online . The last page was a quiz, and I promised the answers — here they are: Question 1: Write a Regular Expression that matches both dialog and dialogue. Answer:  Since you should […]

How to use GA Annotations to keep track of your site’s history

June 17, 2010

Last fall, Google Analytics announced, and gradually rolled out, a much-needed feature, annotations.  Annotations allow you to create personalized notes in your analytics. Now, no more wracking your brain for (or reanalyzing) that incredible peak in traffic last August or that dip in your goal conversions the month before.  Instead, you merely write a note […]

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