Linking AdWords & Analytics: a Troubleshooting Guide

August 18, 2008

At our Google Analytics training in Washington DC last week, one of the most burning questions we got asked was, “Why can’t I see my AdWords data in my Google Analytics?” And even though we’ve blogged about this problem before (here), we wanted to provide a step-by-step troubleshooting guide, complete with how-to’s and screenshots. So […]

Slash Pay-Per-Click Costs Using Negative Keywords

March 21, 2008

For anyone who is reasonably new to the world of Pay-Per-Click (PPC), let me share a few words of wisdom — if you don’t have an extensive list of negative keywords, you’re probably paying too much for your traffic. Suspect you might be one of those advertisers who is feeding the Google piggybank? Well, let’s […]

Make More Money by Segmenting Your Pay-Per-Click Accounts

March 10, 2008

When I begin working on a new pay-per-click account, I really never know what I’m going to see. Sometimes the keywords are far too generic to generate a good conversion rate (a dog walker advertising on the term “dogs”) and sometimes the keywords are far too specific to generate any real traffic (such as “dog […]

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