Travis Loncar

Travis is a former LunaMetrician and contributor to our blog.

Find More Precise Keyword Data for Organic Clicks to PDFs

September 23, 2013

If you’re working with PDF-heavy websites and haven’t had the opportunity to set up server-side PDF tracking with Google Analytics, you’re likely missing out on a great deal of organic traffic data. Sure, you can use event tracking to keep record of internal clicks to PDFs and other downloadable resources, but you aren’t able to […]

Five HTTP Header Fields Every SEO Should Know

August 5, 2013

When it comes time to conduct technical analyses of our clients’ websites, we can gain a great deal of insight by reviewing the HTTP response headers returned when we issue requests to their servers. Whether we’re checking for chained redirects or working to identify inconsistent canonical URLs, we benefit in understanding the myriad of HTTP […]

Link Intersect from the Command Line

July 29, 2013

With Moz’s Link Intersect tool on the mend, I thought it might be interesting to utilize the power of the Mozscape API to build a simple command line tool with similar functionality; let’s call it Links in Common. While it’s hardly a robust competitive link research tool, I’ve found it great for generating quick “intersection” […]

Using iCurl for Technical SEO On the Go

July 10, 2013

Analyzing source code and checking HTTP response headers are two of the modern SEO’s integral functions. If you’ve become accustomed to smashing your keyboard (command + option + U in Chrome on Mac) or right clicking to access the page source in your browser, you’ve undoubtedly felt the pain of being an SEO on the […]

3 Wishes for the Google+ Local Relocation Genie

March 18, 2013

When Google first made the announcement that they’d be transitioning Google Places into Google+ Local, I was pretty darn excited. I’d dipped my big toe in the local water not long before, helping businesses verify their Places listings at an internship and then publishing a still applicable guide to Google Places. I couldn’t help but […]

PHP SEO: Page-Level Titles, Meta Descriptions, & More

February 19, 2013

When it comes to updating title tags, meta descriptions, canonical link elements, etc. on a page-by-page basis, we often rely on the power of the client’s CMS. Whether we’re using WordPress plugins or Drupal modules to get the job done, we generally have a process that is efficient and feasible. No tinkering with template files. […]

If That SEO Tool Didn't Exist . . .

January 29, 2013

As SEOs, there are times at which we take for granted the tremendous tools and resources that help us perform our jobs efficiently. In this post, we’ll look at three tasks that we perform regularly, the tools that help us perform these tasks, and how we might replicate these tools’ functionality and results if they […]

Mozscape API Application Tutorial

January 22, 2013

Behind SEOmoz’s popular Open Site Explorer is a breadth of metric-defining data. The engineers at SEOmoz have coalesced and interpreted this data, forming well known metrics, like Page Authority and Domain Authority, and delivering meaningful counts, like External Followed Links. As SEOs, we use these metrics almost daily, accessing them via OSE, the SEOmoz toolbar, […]

4 Common SEO Misconceptions

January 8, 2013

Chances are good that you’ve read your fair share of ‘SEO Misconceptions’ posts. You know — posts wherein authors debunk and demythologize common misconceptions that outsiders hold true about SEO as an industry. Most recently, Bill Slawski and Will Critchlow offered us a fabulous rebuttal to Paul Boag’s article, “The Inconvenient Truth About SEO.” (A […]

Building a Search Engine with Udacity

December 11, 2012

For SEOs, the web crawler is a powerful tool. When conducting technical audits, competitive analyses, what have you, we use web crawlers (like Xenu’s Link Sleuth or Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider) to navigate internal linking structures and collect data. These handy utilities take much of the human effort out of discerning top-level page attributes. Feed […]

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