Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce: The Order of Implementation

June 13, 2016

Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics (Universal) can offer a goldmine of valuable information about your users’ purchases and shopping behavior. With some of its more advanced features, Enhanced Ecommerce can even provide insight into the performance of your product lists and internal promotions. In short, it’s great and everybody should be using it! There’s no […]

Tackle Ecommerce Strategy with Google Shopping Campaigns

May 2, 2016

Shopping campaigns, like those you might see in a Google search, are among the most prominent B2C ecommerce uses of the Google AdWords platform. You can build a detailed and affordable ecommerce marketing solution if you take the time to invest in the right technologies and product integrations ahead of campaign launch. Let’s take a look at our approach to building and launching these sort of AdWords campaigns.

Find Related Products Purchased Together in Google Analytics

March 28, 2016

If you have an ecommerce website and you’re interested in learning more about which products are purchased together most often, you might want to take advantage of this rarely talked about feature with Google Analytics. This post assumes you already have either Universal Enhanced Ecommerce or Classic Ecommerce transaction tracking configured for your website and […]

Quick Tips for Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

July 20, 2015

For ecommerce and retail websites, reporting on revenue, product information and sales is essential to benchmark how the site is performing. If you’re not using the Enhanced Ecommerce features for Google Analytics yet, check out our FAQ! Or, if you’re in the implementation phase, there is a great way to test using Data Layer Forensics by Dorcas […]

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