Think Outside the Box: Advanced Google Analytics Site Search

October 19, 2017

Google Analytics makes it easy to track your website’s standard site search, measuring search terms and categories and providing detailed reports. However, many websites have unique search features that may push the boundaries of Google Analytics capabilities. For these sites, planning is key to making sure you get the data you need out of your […]

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AdWords Competition: Battling Over Prime Real Estate

October 17, 2017

Top of page competition is fierce. I recently worked with a client who was experiencing a drop in impression and click volume month-over-month. After some investigation, it was determined that the cause was an increase in competition for prime real estate on the SERP. The battle for prime SERP real estate, in a way, reminds […]

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Google Analytics for Firebase: A Reporting Introduction

October 12, 2017


As a mobile development platform, the Firebase SDK provides a lot of exciting opportunities for marketers, such as integrations with advertising tools like AdWords and AdMob, app personalization and cloud messaging, for example. However, it would certainly be helpful to cover the basics first. This post aims to provide a high-level overview of what is […]

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Agile Analytics: A Master Guide to Implementation

October 10, 2017


In setting up Google Analytics (GA) implementations, we find that we need to integrate the work we do with the clients’ existing workflows and project management approaches. Typically, [from the client’s perspective] our implementations more of a “Waterfall” approach; we take on the implementation directly. The development team places Google Tag Manager (GTM) on the […]

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Tracking Multiple Checkout Funnels In Google Analytics

October 5, 2017

Tracking how your customers move through your site, and specifically, your Checkout process is essential to understanding “normal” user behavior and spot challenges that may impact conversions. Enhanced Ecommerce is a great feature in Google Analytics that lets you track a number of things, like add to cart, product impressions, promotions, and more that aren’t […]

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Combining Google Analytics with Other Data Sources

October 3, 2017


Google Analytics can collect quite a lot of data on its own, from user behavior, to traffic sources, to interactions, to demographics. It can also integrate with other Google products, allowing for easy and seamless combination of data. But sometimes you’ll have another source of data about the visitors to your website, whether it’s from […]

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Using Averages to Identify Trends in Google Analytics Data

September 26, 2017


Humans are generally very good at spotting patterns in graphs. An often-used feature in Google Analytics is the timeline, which sits at the top of most reports within the interface and shows us how we are performing in some metric over time. However, without looking at the numbers, it may be difficult to see if […]

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Query Time Data Import in Google Analytics For Historical Reporting

September 21, 2017


One of the most important things that you can do to enhance your reporting capabilities in Google Analytics is to add custom information to your reports, and query time Data Import is a powerful tool to help you accomplish this. Google Analytics by itself generates a massive amount of information about your website, the users […]

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Tracking Inbound Campaigns in Google Analytics

September 19, 2017

Campaigns in Google Analytics

Understanding how users get to your website can help with everything from marketing strategy, advertising budgeting, and even content production. It’s also one of the most popular reasons to use Google Analytics. There are certain things that you get out of the box with a Google Analytics implementation, like what pages are viewed or how […]

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