Our blog has become known for its many workarounds, tips, and best practices over the years. Whether consulting with clients and leading trainings on Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or Google AdWords, our employees are always coming up with ideas, tools, and handouts to help make life easier.

From that constant curiosity and experimentation, we’ve come up with the Resources and Recipes below. These resources are presented as-is, we hope you find them useful!

  • Google Tag Manager Recipes Easily import tracking solutions for your site

    Curious how LunaMetrics handles common tracking challenges in Google Tag Manager? Check out our brand new GTM Recipes section, where we’ve created downloadable containers for the most common tracking questions we receive:

    •   Download Link Tracking
    •   Engaged Time Tracking
    •   AJAX Response Listener
    •   Cookie Management Tools
    •   …And many more!

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  • Google Data Studio Recipes Dashboard templates to be copied and tweaked

    Learn about Data Studio through our pre-built templates that you can copy and tweak, populating with your own information.

    •   Monthly Google Analytics Overview
    •   Monthly Google Analytics Ecommerce Overview
    •   Compare Multiple Google Analytics Views
    •   …And more to come!

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  • Google Optimize Recipes Entry-level experiments for editing and inspiration

    Follow our experiment guides to get new experiments off the ground and running quickly!

    •   Breaking News Bar
    •   …And more to come!

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  • Google BigQuery Recipes Copy-and-paste queries for Google BigQuery

    Want to get better at looking at Google Analytics data in Google BigQuery? We gather all of the queries we’ve listed on the site, whether they were in blog posts or our Google Tag Manager book, and made them easy to browse.

    •   First Example Query
    •   Recalculate Bounce Rate
    •   Extract Dimensions from Other Fields
    •   Joining with Refund Data
    •   …And many more!

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  • Resources PDFs, Tools, Data Visualizations, oh my!

    Straight from some of our most popular blog posts, we’ve pulled out some of the most helpful resources that we’ve shared over the past 11 years – downloads, tools, whitepapers – you name it!

    Download, digest, and distribute to your heart’s content.

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  • LunaMetrics Github Open source code, hot and fresh!

    Get in on the fun with our official Github. We maintain many of our recipes and other open source projects on Github. Contributions are welcomed!

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