Our privacy policy is about two things:

How we use your name and what software we use on our site

How We Use Your Name

We never sell your name or give it away. If you fill out our contact form asking for more info, we won’t subscribe you to our general marketing email lists.

Email Newsletters

LunaMetrics maintains several email newsletters to help communicate information about our recent blog posts, upcoming trainings, and other general informational and marketing purposes. You can opt-out of these electronic communications at any time by following the instructions in our emails.

Customer Email Lists

When you register for a training with LunaMetrics, we will also use your email address to inform you of future trainings in your area, and may infrequently inform you of relevant content on our website. You can opt-out of these electronic communications at any time by following the instructions in our emails or by emailing getinfo@lunametrics.com.

When you register for blog updates, we will send you content related to your choices. At any time, you may update your subscription settings to change the frequency or types of emails, or opt-out completely of these electronic communications by following the instructions in our emails or by emailing getinfo@lunametrics.com.

What Software We Use On Our Site

We use Google Analytics to measure traffic to our site and how people interact with our site. At various times, we may use other tools to measure the efficacy of our marketing campaigns. The Google Analytics terms specify that no personally identifiable information may be collected.

Connecting To Google Applications via LunaMetrics.com

LunaMetrics hosts several tools on www.lunametrics.com that provide the ability for visitors to connect to certain Google products, like Google Analytics. Different LunaMetrics tools may ask for different permissions, so it’s important to review the requested permissions before Allowing access.

How It Works

In order for these LunaMetrics applications to work properly, a user must begin the process by clicking the ‘Connect’ button. The user will be taken to a secure page on Google.com via a new window or tab, where the permissions the tool requires will be displayed. If the user consents to grant LunaMetrics permission, Google will issue a token that our tools can use to access the requested information.

LunaMetrics only requests temporary access to a user’s Google application. After receiving permission, LunaMetrics can, within the scope of the approved access, request information about or data from any account the user has access to. By default, our access to a user’s information expires after one hour (although that is controlled by Google and could change).

By default, our tools are able to see the email address of the user’s account. We do not capture or store this information unless permission is explicitly granted from the user. Our tools do not ever see a user’s password, as that is entered on a secure window or tab on Google’s website.

As no information is stored by default, no LunaMetrics employee or other individual has access to user email addresses or the results of the tools, including the data received from Google, unless the user explicitly opts-in to sharing results via email or signing up for email newsletters.

We do not request the ability to extend the lifetime of the token (termed ‘Offline Access’). We do not store or receive the token on our server anywhere – the token itself is only accessible by the user’s browser.

To monitor which tools, from LunaMetrics and others, have been granted access to your information, and to see which permissions have been granted, review your connected applications here: https://myaccount.google.com/permissions

How Do We Use The Information?

The information that we request is used by our tools in calculations and visualizations about your selected data. Again, we do not store your information by default; however, depending on the tool, we may ask if you would like to share or email the results of your information. If offered, this step is voluntary but may allow us to receive a copy of your information so that we may provide recommendations, analysis, or follow-up support regarding your use of the tool or your individual results.

What Information Do We Share?

We do not share your information with third-parties or other users. If you opt-in to sharing your email address for periodic updates or related information, your email will be registered with our email marketing platform. You can opt-out of these electronic communications at any time by following the instructions in our emails.

If you share your results with others via email or specifically ask for LunaMetrics followup, we may follow-up infrequently to offer support and answer questions.

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