Before you can move forward, it’s important to determine where you stand. Whether you’re just beginning to investigate conversion optimization or you’ve been testing for years, we kick off each conversion project with a thorough audit and evaluation. What has been tested before and what did you learn? What opportunities exist for testing and audience targeting?

The Takeaway

Our multi-phase audit is designed to be flexible based on your business and digital landscape. We take into account the existing tools that you’re already using and evaluate your website on both a technical level and through the user experience lens. We build on past experiments, previously-developed personas, or experiences with conversion optimization and combine that with our audit findings to outline a plan for a more successful future.

The result is a tailored deliverable and initial set of recommendations on how to approach optimizing your conversion rates, an approach that is influenced by our years of experience and perspectives on best practices. Your takeaway will include ideas for future experiments, a prioritized testing queue, as well as identifying options for personalization and audience development.

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