Technology has changed and with it, the way we make changes to our website has dramatically shifted. Products like Google Optimize and Optimizely have made it easier than ever to experiment with on-site changes, large and small, quickly and often without involving developers until enough data supports permanent changes. The ability to change content dynamically helps us craft our website messaging, choosing content that performs best and showing the right message to the right visitor at the right stage of their lifecycle.

Unlock Website Potential

Website testing has the power to improve or validate existing assumptions, experiment with new ideas, and customize experiences for your audiences. Uncover the small tweaks to your website that can result in big results, and feel confident making those changes with the data to back them up.

The Value of Experts

While technology has made this type of testing more accessible, design and interpretation still requires an expert eye. Your organization can rely on the knowledge and experience of LunaMetrics to design statistically sound experiments and then analyze results to provide clear, concise recommendations. Let us help you make website optimization a standard part of your skillset, learning how to leverage the tools and language required to build internal capacity for repeated successful testing.

Personalizing The Experience

The information we collect about our users and customers is often spread out among several systems and can cover different aspects, from how a user has interacted with our site and product over time to preferences that have been indicated either explicitly or implicitly. Technical improvements and products like Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager, and Universal Analytics have made it easier than ever to connect and integrate different data sources. The next step is more challenging – identify ways to improve the different areas where you interact with users, through digital advertising customization as well as on-page improvements.

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