LunaMetrics offers private SEO training workshops. These workshops are highly interactive and customized to your organization’s marketing and education needs.

Please contact us if you’re interested in an SEO workshop for your company.


Hear what past LunaMetrics’ SEO trainees have said:

joe-picture-150x150“The 8 hours I spent at the SEO training course at LunaMetrics was incredibly productive. My only regret is that I didn’t take the course sooner because it was more beneficial than the majority of the books and online guides I have spent countless hours pouring over.”

– Joe Goehring
Digital Marketing Manager at Mylan

natalie-picture-150x150“I had minimal SEO experience before this course but LunaMetrics employees made everything very easy to understand and we even got to put our newly learned skills to the test by doing real SEO work with local non-profit organizations!”

– Natalie DeCario
Marketing Communications Manger at ABG Capital

“Everyone enjoyed the session and was impressed with LunaMetrics’ AdWords expertise and felt they received actionable information. The trainer was very professional and thoroughly answered everyone’s questions. Thank you again for the great work and providing our attendees with a positive experience and important training.”

– Cathy von Birgelen
Executive Director at eMarketing Learning Center

“My team and I really benefited from our training session with Luna Metrics. We put our learning immediately to work in our business.”

Glen Meakem
CEO at Forever, Inc.

  • Typical SEO Training Topics Include:

    Search Engines 101

    Why do the search engines do what they do? How do they make their decisions? What do they care about and what doesn’t matter? Myths debunked, processes demystified, and everything out in the open in clear, certain terms.

    Keyword Choice and Search Marketing Segmentation

    Segmentation is at the heart of successful modern marketing – especially SEO. Learn how to understand who you want on your site and the different things those users are looking for. We’ll teach the art and science of targeting the right keywords based on popularity, per-visit-value, and difficulty. We’ll also teach you how to choose keywords relevant to your cause and your site that reflect a user’s intent. No more wasting resources trying to rank for impossible phrases that won’t convert!

    Keyword Placement

    Once you have your streamlined list of keywords, we’ll show you the most important places on your site to put them, boosting your site’s relevancy so the search engines rank you highly for those terms.

    Winning Links with Outreach

    If you’ve done any research into SEO, you know that the amount of links pointing to your site is vitally important. They’re also hard to generate if you don’t know how. Find out what opportunities exist just for businesses that will make your link building job easier!

    Winning Links with Link-Bait

    Fishing for links is infinitely better than hunting for them. Find out how to build the content that attracts links naturally so you don’t have to spend the time and resources to hunt them down. Case studies and examples of who’s doing it right included!

    Social Media and SEO

    Social media is vitally important to most businesses in its own right. But, combined with content marketing and outreach, social media can power up your SEO and help you win even more links.

    Site Architecture

    It sounds daunting, but it’s not! Dig into the basic anatomy of a website with us and check out the good, the bad and the ugly. Find out if your site’s structure is hampering its ability to rank and what to do about it.

    Local SEO

    If you have a brick and mortar presence, local SEO helps you generate more traffic from users searching for products and services in your geographic area.

    Tools of the Trade

    Learn about some of the great data sources that help inform great SEO marketing decisions, and learn how to wield some of the technology that helps the pros to get the job done faster.

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