Data Science Solutions

You’ve got data. You’re swimming in data. You’ve got Google Analytics or maybe even Google Analytics 360. You’ve got an email marketing platform, a CRM database, and more analytics reports and business intelligence dashboards than you can check in a day. What do you do with all of that? Here comes the fun part.

Whether we’ve helped you track your website and users, or you’re bringing your own data to the project, LunaMetrics can help you make sense of it all. By matching the available data with the correct tools for analysis, our team of engineers and analysts can mine your data using mathematical techniques and algorithms to uncover actionable business insights.

Traffic Attribution and Analysis

Get the information you need to help decide where to spend your advertising dollars. Find the attribution model or algorithm that works for your unique sales process, taking into account challenges to traditional attribution in Google Analytics, like lengthy sales funnels, offline conversions, or data from multiple marketing and advertising platforms. When necessary, reprocess historical traffic information to enhance cross-session and cross-device analysis.

For even greater insights, combine with offline data points like lead scoring and customer lifetime value to identify the characteristics of your most valuable visitors.

On-Site Customer Journey

The sheer amount of data collected by Google Analytics, especially for enterprise websites, makes this seemingly simple question possible to answer, but requires analysis outside of the Google Analytics interface. Use your existing website behavioral data to learn more about the role your website plays in converting a visitor to a customer. How do users move through your site? What pieces of content or interactions help drive conversions?

We’ll custom craft an analysis to help answer the burning questions you have about your customers or your site. These answers can help influence everything from site redesigns and technical changes, to content creation and changes to alter common user paths.

User Analysis and Audience Segmentation

For companies looking to better understand their customers, the challenge is often “Where do I begin?” With significant amounts of data, we can turn to machine-learning techniques to identify and group your users by common behavior characteristics and activities, validating existing personas and identifying new audience segments.

This valuable information can amplify existing marketing strategies as well as enable ongoing reporting, and can integrate programmatically with tools like Google AdWords and Google Optimize to customize content and advertising messaging.

Data Management and Architecture

For many organizations Google Analytics is just a single data stream to enhance a network of connections and touchpoints with customers. With Google Analytics 360 and the Google BigQuery connection, LunaMetrics can help craft a solution to connect hit-level web data into your existing data warehouse or databases. Relationships work best when both parties contribute – website data can be joined with other data sources, while offline information about users, conversions, or content gets passed back to Google Analytics for easier analysis and feeding native integrations to other Google products.

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