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Spend money to make money is advertising at its simplest. Designing the strategy that drives your spending is much more complex. Are your accounts organized efficiently, are they manageable, and most importantly, are they profitable?

Through our nationwide Google Ads training and our enterprise and agency consulting, we have helped thousands of digital marketers answer similar questions while maximizing conversions and return on investment . Whether you sell $2 widgets or $2 million services, LunaMetrics has the advanced knowledge and industry experience to help you design the strategy to accomplish your digital advertising goals.

  • Where does your Google Ads (formerly AdWords) account stand today? For many reasons, companies often find themselves faced with a need to move quickly – establishing an overview of their account, correcting any issues, and developing strategic goals to move towards business objectives. Our Ads audit provides just that.

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  • PPC Strategy Make your budgets go further.

    Building an account and managing it from day to day is relatively easy. Designing an industry-leading strategy is far more complex. Strategic projects combine account auditing and competitive analysis with guided implementation and team education, heightening overall digital strategy and the team who manages it.

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