A slow, methodical guess-and-check paid search strategy is not fast enough for most companies — you need a better return on investment today, not a year from today. Account audits are expedited projects that rely on the speed and expertise of an entire search marketing team to optimize campaigns toward company goals.

We know it can be chaotic when an agency contract ends, a new product launches, or a team member leaves. The audit is the best and fastest way to react to changes in the industry, aggressive competitors, or a change in account management.

Our paid search audits are often for Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and are often paired with SEO audits, providing a complete analysis of your search marketing tactics.

The Takeaway

Our audits go beyond just “Is it set up correctly?” We start with your business objectives and examine the role you expect or hope paid search will play in your overall marketing strategy. Rather than a cookie-cutter template, each audit is customized to your company, your industry, and your competitors.

At the conclusion of the project, you’ll walk away with immediate action items and a better understanding of how to utilize Google AdWords to drive your company’s marketing initiatives. Our standard Google Ads Audit deliverable is comprehensive multi-page report ranging from small tweaks to significant adjustments to make an immediate impact as well as plan for future growth.

You’ll work with a Google Ads expert to review each recommendation, discussing the technical specifics and the underlying strategy to help build your internal capacity while improving your campaigns.

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