Strategy is a word that is often overused. By itself, it can encompass all types – good strategies, bad strategies, rushed or well-executed. Strategies can start from ideas or assumptions, or they can build from past experience and collected data. At LunaMetrics, we take this word, “strategy,” seriously.

Our PPC strategic consulting projects are anchored by our experts and influenced by years of experience designing and executing world-class paid search campaigns as well as teaching thousands how to use Google Ads (formerly AdWords). We learn everything we can about your company and your objectives, your customers or audience, and your particular industry and competition.

Our expertise helps answer the tough questions that need to be answered – everything from determining which channels and formats to be serving to helping to craft messaging that drives both awareness and conversions. Most importantly, we understand how paid search works in conjunction with other marketing efforts, so we root all of our recommendations in data and track and quantify our successes.

Paid Search Strategic Setup

Strategic projects combine account auditing and competitive analysis. Additionally, we help guide the implementation and educate your team on the how and why, getting you off the ground and running while building capacity to manage your strategy long-term.

This is ideal for companies without a specialized search marketing team, those looking to invest more in digital, or those looking to bring their paid search management in-house.

Display Advertising and Retargeting

Improve your Google Ads setup by running ads across multiple networks, including display elements optimized for devices and audiences. In addition, we can use customers’ previous behavior to influence their future advertising by taking advantage of retargeting – dynamically adjusting bidding and messaging for your highest-valued prospects.

Social Advertising

Replicate the success of your Google Ads account and fill competitive gaps through selectively advertising on social media sites that fit with your particular industry and customers. With a strong focus on eventual conversions, social advertising can be a cost-effective way to reinforce messaging across platforms as well as reaching new audiences.

Agency Consulting

Agencies partner with LunaMetrics in several ways to offer additional SEM services to existing or potential clients. Account audits and strategic plans are popular because they create roadmaps for internal project managers. Following a clear path paved by LunaMetrics, for either search or display campaigns, generates a tremendous return on investment for clients while removing the guesswork and upfront time investment. Your clients get immediate results and you get happy clients.

LunaMetrics also offers private agency training sessions to strengthen internal digital advertising knowledge and expertise. Learn more on the custom training page.

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