Every company that chooses to upgrade to Google Analytics 360 has their own reasons for making the switch, but we have found that often the reasons fall into three general categories:

  • Enterprise-Level Analytics and Support Needed
  • Integrated Solutions With Other Products
  • Higher Limits for Data and Features
  • Enterprise-Level Analytics and Support Needed

    Beyond just getting access to the tools and features of Google Analytics 360, you’re looking for a partner that can guide with both the strategic and technical components for an enterprise analytics solution. We work as an extension of your team, working towards your business goals and coordinating between the necessary departments and vendors to thoroughly and correctly implement Google Analytics 360 using industry best practices that we’ve pioneered.

    With Google Analytics 360 comes unlimited Service Level Agreement and phone support to answer any Google Analytics-related questions. With LunaMetrics, you’ll also get proactive monitoring and a host of proprietary enterprise tools designed to help us more efficiently and accurately manage complicated configurations with many moving parts.

    Beyond just an implementation, LunaMetrics helps provide the internal capacity building and training necessary to maintain and get value from the enterprise products in which you’re investing. We’re known around the world for our focus on education, from our industry-leading trainings, our Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager book, and our popular blog, but most importantly, we’re known to our clients for our history of stellar customer service.

  • Integrated Solutions With Other Products

    The Google Analytics 360 Suite marks a shift and improvement in the way data can move between Google products. With Google Analytics 360 as the hub, the data that you customize and collect can be enhanced by bringing in data from other tools about your users, your advertising, your A/B Testing and more.

    At the same time, your behavioral, conversion, and custom information inside of Google Analytics 360 can be grouped and shared with seamlessly with other tools, providing additional targeting capabilities for advertising, messaging, and targeting, as well as testing and personalization.

    From native integrations to the other products in the Google Analytics 360 Suite, to the just-announced turnkey integrations with tools like Salesforce Marketing and Sales Cloud, you benefit from these built-in connections that remove technical burdens and ensure consistent and accurate data across platforms.

  • Higher Limits for Data and Features

    Technically, the Google Analytics 360 tool provides measurable improvements on the amount of data you can collect with Google Analytics, the granularity of the data you’re able to access, and the number of features you’re able to utilize.

    Sometimes these benefits are easy to spot – if you’re exceeding the number of monthly hits allowed by the free version, then it’s clear that Google Analytics 360 is a potential solution for that problem. Some of the other benefits, like 10X the number of available Custom Dimensions, may not seem as impactful if you’re not already hitting the max number of Custom Dimensions allowed in the free version. However, these improvements are crucial for the conversation about the future of your Analytics and the solutions you hope to implement, not just for looking at the strategies you’ve previously employed.

    In other words, these increased capabilities not only relieve immediate pressures but are also the building blocks for the enterprise solutions we design to solve your problems.

    Want to know more? Try our Google Analytics 360 benefit analyzer to scan your Google Analytics account and see where Google Analytics 360 will make the biggest impact.

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