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As technology and user behavior changes, the way that we collect and analyze data must also change. Google Analytics market saturation and ease of implementation has long made it the standard for companies looking to better understand the role that their websites and mobile applications play related to their overall business goals. However, a copy-and-paste solution is just the beginning. A strategic and customized implementation is needed to truly get value out of Google Analytics.

Trust us – we know Google Analytics. While others may bury Google Analytics as a bullet point on a list of capabilities, we highlight it, paint it on our walls, teach courses on it, and write books about it. It’s the core of our business and what sets us apart from other consultants.

As Google Analytics Certified Partners, we help translate the goals you have set for your organization into measureable actions and conversions on your websites, connecting it with the valuable data that you have about your users and your content, and making it easy to communicate that effectively within your organization.

Learn more about our industry-leading Google Analytics services:

  • Google Analytics Audit & Implementation Ensure your Google Analytics Setup is Perfect

    Can you trust your data? Good analysis starts with accurate data collection, and our implementation specialists are trained to identify pitfalls in any Google Analytics setup — including inaccuracies and inefficiencies — and correct them.

    We’ll work with you to establish a measurement strategy, aligned with your business objectives. Then we’ll deploy advanced custom tracking, according to industry best practices, to set up a world-class Google Analytics implementation you can trust.

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  • Google Analytics Ongoing Management & Consulting Transform Data into Actionable Insight

    Deriving value from data is more involved than simply just “running a report”: Google Analytics can provide a business with lots of ways to get answers — we’ll help you ask the right questions.

    Our ongoing management relationships allow us to become an extension of your marketing, BI, or development teams, providing regular consulting to turn data into actionable insight. We’ll ensure your data remains accurate, help you establish valuable reports, and lead your data strategy into the future.

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  • Google Analytics 360 Suite & Consulting Learn about our enterprise Analytics solutions

    Google Analytics 360 is the answer for high traffic websites in need of more granular data, high collection limits and reduced sampling, or exclusive features and robust integrations.

    With LunaMetrics as your sales partner, you will get actual hands on technical work, strategy, planning, and execution – we will become a true partner and extension of your team.

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