Knowing that something is wrong and knowing how to fix it are two different things. Without accurate measurement, digital marketing strategy becomes a shot in the dark. For a time, this can be tolerable, but you know that mis-configured Google Analytics leaves money on the table.

Our Google Analytics Audit & Implementation does more than identify problems; it fixes them. We’ll:

  • Set up a discovery Kickoff meeting to discuss your particular reporting needs
  • Determine the cleanliness of your data and outline how we’ll clean it up
  • Establish a “Measurement Strategy” to align measurement/reporting with your business objectives
  • Outline a configuration that can answer your fundamental business questions
  • Implement Google Analytics, leveraging the latest features, through Google Tag Manager

Creating a clean implementation of Google Analytics could simply mean installing code that accurately tracks when a visitor reaches your website or uses your app. However, at LunaMetrics, we’ll utilize advanced customizations in Google Analytics that can gather insight at a much higher resolution: event tracking for on-site interactions, custom dimensions and metrics for company-specific measurement, Goals, content groupings, and more.

When we start a project, we collaborate with you on a Measurement Strategy document, which we use to guide the audit itself and our final implementation. By doing this, we create recommendations that go beyond simply capturing clean data; they help to efficiently and accurately measure your digital marketing success as a whole.

Google Analytics Audit An Efficient and Effective Plan

The audit focuses on the pain points outlined during the discovery session, but may ultimately reveal data integrity issues, along with opportunities for enhancement. We’ll create recommendations for immediate changes and additions to be made to your Google Analytics configuration, while establishing a larger plan for implementation and customization.

Google Analytics Implementation A Confident and Correct Setup

Our final recommendations are customized to each client, depending on the website/app, challenges, and configuration needs, but they all deliver the same value: clean data that answers business questions and allows you to draw exponentially more value from your Google Analytics. You won’t know how you did business without it.

For enterprise customers, we provide licensing and consulting around the Google Analytics 360 Suite, including Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager 360, and Google Optimize 360.

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