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Gaining visibility in search engines has changed dramatically over the past decade. Has your company kept up? The tricks and hacks that were typically associated with traditional search engine optimization have been replaced by solid recommendations from the top search companies: technical necessities, website structuring, and a focus on quality content.

Rather than taking chances with your brand’s digital reputation, LunaMetrics relies on a solid foundation of data-driven decision making that focuses on the revenue and conversions that come from high organic rankings. The results are sustainable strategies that provide immediate value and continue to benefit your site year over year.

  • SEO Auditing & Consulting Discover hidden issues and opportunities.

    SEO Audits act a roadmaps for search engine optimization success. A typical project includes diagnosis of problems as well comprehensive explanations and steps to take to remedy identified issues. Audits include technical points of failure, strategy outlines, identification of competitor weaknesses, website redesign or migration planning, and performance reporting.

    Ongoing management relations extend your marketing team and search marketing performance. Projects include strategic planning, guided technical implementation, continuous analysis and reporting, and sustainable link building strategies.

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  • Search Engine Marketing Audit Make sure you're spending effectively.

    If you’re enhancing your organic presence with Google AdWords, let’s make sure it’s set up correctly. For many reasons, companies often find themselves with faced with a need to move quickly – establishing an overview of their account, correcting any issues, and developing strategic goals to move towards business objectives. Our AdWords audit provides just that.

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  • Search Marketing Management Guided strategies for your internal team.

    Combining the efforts of search engine optimization with strategic advertising can yield amazing results. Our projects combine account auditing and competitive analysis with guided implementation and team education, heightening overall digital strategy and the team who manages it.

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  • Website Redesign Strategy Don't neglect your established digital reputation.

    Seemingly cosmetic changes to page locations, structure, and elements can have serious consequences on your organic traffic. When planning for a site redesign or migrating to a new domain, don’t leave out this vital step. As a neutral third-party, we’re here to help protect you against SEO points of failure.

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