At LunaMetrics, we combine strategic tactics with long-term vision to deliver search engine consultation that leads to sustained, lasting growth. Whether you need help determining current issues and opportunities with your site or you’re looking for a long-term partnership, we have a solution for you.

Answer the Big Questions

Our SEO audit services are more than just a cookie-cutter report based largely on automated software, and they’re more than just a checklist of your problems. We start each audit with a discovery phase and kickoff call, followed by a post-discovery check-in. At the end of each audit, we schedule a debrief session to review the audit deliverable and our professional recommendations, as well as answering any lingering questions.

Your takeaway will have the answers to your million dollar questions like:

  • What is limiting our website’s search engine visibility in regards to both content and technical setup?
  • Where do we stand in our SEO efforts as compared to online competitors in our niche/market?
  • What are the immediate tasks that I can make to see improvement?
  • What long-term goals should I set to ensure continued traffic growth?

The Takeaway

In addition to using powerful tools and comprehensive data analysis, a seasoned SEO project manager – with help from a team of specialists – performs dozens of hours of manual analysis. The result of our research is a prioritized outline of action steps that you can take to increase your website’s search engine visibility. Our standard SEO Audit deliverable is an extensive yet accessible multi-page report diagnosing your site’s potential issues with step-by-step instructions to remedy any problems.

We prioritize our recommendations so you know where to focus your efforts and what to start on first. Together, we’ll review every recommendation extensively, especially the important stuff. Most clients enjoy a significant increase in traffic and conversions after implementing our recommendations.

Another Player on Your Team

While the audit is great to catch up and make a large number of changes, keeping up with search engine changes can be exhausting and resource-intensive. Extend the capabilities of your team by leaning on LunaMetrics for guided implementation and consulting from industry experts. Our deep knowledge and expertise means that you’ll gain the full resources and background of LunaMetrics guiding your search marketing plan and coordinating with your different departments and vendors needed to reach your goals.

Combining education from the experts with timely recommendations and a structured roadmap, our management projects are custom crafted to fit with your organization structure. We’ll work together with your teams to prioritize your website needs: whether those are guiding and double-checking technical changes to your site or crafting a sustainable inbound marketing strategy.

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