LunaMetrics offers SEO services for a wide array of verticals but specializes in challenging B2B industrial and manufacturing applications. We understand the growing need for industries to build an online presence as a means to generate new business and maintain brand identity. This is why we built strong relationships with our industrial clients to understand which factors play the biggest role in their overall success. Then we work together to build effective digital solutions to achieve these goals.

  • Why SEO for Manufacturers Matters Leads, ROI, and Competitive Advantages

    It is easy to see why a website that sells digital cameras, for example, would be interested in SEO. Their sales funnels are short and their audience prefers to buy consumer electronics online.

    But SEO projects targeting industrial audiences with much longer sales cycles can be very successful, too. LunaMetrics has found that consumer research for industrial products has moved online, allowing companies that practice strong SEO to connect with potential customers early and often in the buying process.

    With the right strategy, any industry vertical can build a strong SEO profile focused on building high quality leads, measurable ROI, targeted marketing communications, and fewer competitors.

  • Online Adoption for Offline Veterans LunaMetrics can optimize your website using three techniques.

    1. Technical Work – We analyze the technical issues that are making it difficult for the search engines to read and rank your site. We then work with you to make efficient, high impact changes.

    2. Content Marketing – We use Google Analytics data to study how customers use your sites and respond accordingly. We also write, or help you write, the kind of articles and content that other people will want to link to.

    3. Digital Relationships – We help you identify and partner with vendors, suppliers and others to help leverage existing offline relationships as a means to increase website authority and visibility.

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  • Manufacturing SEO Case Study Thermaxx Jackets has seen tremendous SEO results with LunaMetrics.

    Industrial manufacturer, Thermaxx, saw a 16x increase in search engine traffic, the majority being first-time visitors that were starting the buying process online.

    – 1,085% increase in user sessions
    – 1,118% increase in new users
    – 50% increase in qualified web leads

    Read more about Thermaxx and other LunaMetrics clients by visiting the case study section.

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