Redesigns-gone-wrong are one of the most common reasons that companies pursue SEO consulting. Even the best designers can struggle with SEO implementation because it is not something they do every day. Just a simple line of code can remove important SEO pages from search indices and halt traffic.

Conversely, when done well, a redesign can resolve old issues and actually improve new site performance while reducing laborious restorative work down the road. That is why LunaMetrics begins each project with a pre- and post-redesign technical and content audit to get it right the first time.

Plan For The Change

Seemingly cosmetic changes to page locations, structure, and elements can have serious consequences when search engines try and re-crawl the old page. We’ll develop a deliverable outlining the best way to successfully migrate your site or content, along with a strategy and tactics to continue to grow your visits from search engines.

Prevent messy migrations by partnering with us from the beginning. We’ve helped many companies successfully migrate thousands of pages while preserving, and even increasing, their search engine traffic.

Working With Your Team

Our role in the redesign process varies from project to project as we adapt to your timeline and KPIs. By identifying and prioritizing issues, we make sure that we don’t slow down the redesign process or overburden development teams or vendors. We plan and help execute the launch to make sure everything goes smoothly. We’ll continue to monitor our progress following the launch comparing against benchmarks taken before the launch, and we include time at the end of each project to address low priority items that were not addressed in time.

Knowing we didn’t have time to execute everything on the wish list during a website redesign, LunaMetrics provided us with clear thoughtful advice that was tactical in nature and executable by our team given the deadlines. They went above and beyond, fielding calls at 9 p.m. the night before launch to ensure it was a success. Y’all were awesome!

—Matt Weiss

E-Commerce Manager, Char-Broil

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